Friday May 29, 2015

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thumb_IMG_0063Hey everyone,

Hope your seasons been great. I think last time I posted a blog I was on my way to Mammoth, California to compete in the Grand Prix. So lets pick up from there. After placing 3rd at the Grand Prix at the Canyons, I headed to Mammoth. The weather was pretty crumby so practice kept getting pushed back. When it finally came time for us to practice Slope Style it was a little windy. Practice was so much fun and the jumps were great. I was trying to ride cautiously because the wind was so unpredictable. Unfortunatel,y when I hit the third jump, I had caught a quick back wind that sent me far past the knuckle.


Holimont_PodiumHappy March, everyone!

I just got back from Holimont, New York, where the third and final Race to the Cup of the year was held. We arrived late on the 21st and trained the next day. The race was two PGSs on the 23rd and 24th, and I couldn’t be happier with how I did. The first race day was very exciting, as it was beautiful and sunny. After time trials, I qualified for finals in 9th place, which meant I had to race the woman in 8th. I won and advanced to face Ariane Lavigne, the woman who qualified 1st.


nick_video_thumbCheck out the latest video edit from USASA Team Rider Nick Sibayan!


DenverBigAirCab9Hey everyone Paul Brichta here checking in,

I just got back from a 3 week competition adventure. My first stop was the World Championships in Spain. First, Taylor Gold and I competed in the big air in Barcelona. The event was held in Palau Sant Jordi in downtown Barcelona, and it was a really fun event with over 8,000 people showing up to watch finals. After that we left for La Molina, Spain to compete in halfpipe and slopestyle where we met up with Benji Farrow. The World Championships in Spain was a great event. There was hardly any snow there, but the 40-50 degree weather all but made up for it! Everyone killed it on and off the hill (playing lots of ping pong). It was definitely one of the most fun trips I’ve ever been on.


Chloe BanningHey everyone!
Chloe Banning checking in and giving a season update. My season had a challenging start with my first event being the Telluride World Cup Boardercross Race. Since I was studying at Colorado College during the fall, I had only six days of on snow practice before tackling the difficult course. Being my first World Cup, it was intimidating, and I have never fallen so many times or felt so exhausted at a race.


Hey everyone,
Just got back from X games. Had a lot of fun. I fell in my first race and then again in my second. I ended up getting 9th in the event. Wish my results could have been better but I still had a blast. Signed autographs with PacSun and had an amazing dinner at Boogie's. As far as the rest of my season goes I haven't been competing all that much. Last season I competed so much and I wanted this season to be quite a bit more calm. I am doing more slope style this year. I went to Europe and competed in World Championships. Unfortunately I fell in both my runs but it was good to be spinning off jumps again. I haven't figured out what I am doing for the rest of the season. Hopefully I'll end up doing the Grand Prix and Mammoth and the US Open. I'll keep you posted.
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