Tuesday May 26, 2015

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Time to go home-

Faye and I had an adventure ahead of us today. Little did we know of the adventure Jason had planned for us. We jumped in the car and headed down to take a tour through a hidden cavern that was discovered in the eighteen hundreds by an amish guy while being chased by a bear.


EOS19268.jpgMeet the Real PacSun USASA Snowboard Team
Woodward provided me the facilities to progress my snowboarding and body awareness. Also, the week I spent there instigated a unique bonding experience with a team I am so proud to be a part of. Every member of PacSun USASA Snowboard Team surprised me in some way during our stay at Woodward. This week I learned many things about our PacSun campers, coaches, and even myself:



Camp Woodward! Good vibes, laughs and good times! The trip started off with Trevor and I running around the airport waiting to leave for woodward. Once we pulled up to woodward we realized that this was going to be one heck of a trip, and we were right! The days consisted of real intense workouts, jumping on trampolines, skating till you were to hot to move and then heading to the pool for a nice team pool party.



Today is the pacsun usasa  snowboard teams final day at camp Woodward. The team and I fired up the day with our favorite stretch routines and some flipin awsome trampoline training. Afterwards, I could hear the sweat dripping from Jasons forehead splashing to the ground as he geared up to race Trevor on the bmx course. Jason pumped his way through the course while Trevor flew through the air behind him. Jasons skills were obvious after the win.



Believe it or not with our busy schedule at Woodward we would have an open two hours during the day which was always spent poolside. There we would try our newly learned tricks from the tramp on the diving board. The boys (mostly Mahaney) did it with high hopes of impressing all the hot gymnastic girls. When the diving session was over everyone illustrated their competitive side when we moved to the "log roll".



Chilling for a week at Woodward. I had my doubts about whether or not I would enjoy myself. Meeting new people really isn't my thing, but I neglected to take into account the common passion that we all share. Snowboarding has brought all of the Pacsun Team members together for a week of training and fun, just as it has for so many other people. In the first day I already found myself doing things that I didn't think that I would ever do, like trying cart wheels on the balance beam or back flips on flat ground. Watching the other members of the team try new things made me want to do the same.


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