Tuesday May 26, 2015

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Mikey PerleHey Everyone,

Just checking in before a long flight to Europe. The season has gone quick and we are moving into spring. Hope everyone’s season has gone as well as mine or better. I started in Austria in November and went to Colorado after a good two week training camp before the official start of the season in the U.S. I then started my long winter. A trip to Telluride for a U.S team SBX camp, and into competitions.


thumb_IMG_0689Hey, everybody!

Cassie here. I have been traveling for the past two weeks, and have been to not only the east coast, but also Canada. Our team (the SRT, or Snowboard Race Team) left Steamboat at about 5 a.m. for the airport on February 15. We competed in Le Relais, Quebec; Stoneham, Quebec; and Holimont, New York. I was surprised to find that the conditions in Le Relais were not hard and icy, but soft! Apparently many places have been having odd winters this year. Although Le Relais is normally a small race, the GS day was very competitive because of the GS World Cup at Stoneham taking place a few days after. The slalom day went well though and I pulled out a 4th place finish! I was very excited, especially since the slalom day was on the 19th, my birthday.


thumb_canyonsgrandprixHey everyone,

I just started competing again!!! My first competition back was a World Cup at Blue Mountain in Canada. The course was fun and my knee was feeling pretty good. However, I couldn't seem to pull it together for the race and ended in the middle of the pack. After Canada me and the rest of the US team flew to Park City to race a Grand Prix at the Canyons. We missed both days of practice and our first day on the course was the day of time trials.


Brett Esser is backHello Everybody! So I haven’t been updating the blog lately because I’ve had a broken foot and haven’t had anything exciting to write about. All I was up to was physical therapy and making sure I was ready for snowboarding as soon as I could get back on it. But now I’m back on my snowboard and trying to catch up with all the new tricks that have been going down. The foot feels really good and can’t wait to get back into contests with all the USASA riders.


thumb_Paul_JapanHi everybody, Paul Brichta checking in with an update of my season so far.

Just after the holidays I got back to Colorado and immediately began training with the US Snowboarding Team and coach Spencer Tamblyn. I learned a bunch of new tricks like double backflips on jumps and 1260s, cab 1260s, backside 1080s and cab double cork 1080s in the pipe.


thumb_cover_shotHey all,

This season has started and I think Tahoe is finally going to get some snow this week! I spent my first month of the season in Colorado doing the Grand Prix and Rev tour and the halfpipe was perfect as always and surprisingly the weather was great to. It was a slow start getting back into the contest groove again but I eventually began landing some new tricks. It was awesome to be back with everyone in contests. The Grand Prix didn't go as planned, but it was good to see Kelly Clark send it and take 1st. It was also awesome to see Maddy Schaffrick come back from an injury and absolutely kill it and get 2nd!


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