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New USASA Executive Board Named

At the annual “Big Board” meeting of the USASA, three new Executive Board members were named.

The new members named to the USASA Executive Board include: Fred McDaniel, Michael Trapp and Brian Wilson. Tim Windell, whose term as Vice President had expired, was voted back onto the board at the meeting. 

The 2015-16 USASA Executive Board and positions held by each member include:

John Schall, President

Mark Sibayan, Vice President

Robb Monnaville, Vice President

Brian Wilson, Secretary

Tim Windell, Treasurer

Fred McDaniel, Series Director Representative

KC Gandee, Coaches Representative

Justin Reiter, Riders Representative

Michael Trapp, Riders Representative

The Executive Board meets quarterly, or more often, as business circumstances require. Each of the Executive Board members serve on a non-compensated, volunteer basis. All meetings are documented in minutes that are available for review by Voting Members of the USASA.

“Voting Members” are defined in the bylaws of the USASA as “All of the Regional Directors for regional series that are sanctioned by the corporation, the Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Boardercross®, Rail Jam, Banked Slalom and Overall Technical Supervisors, the Head Coach of the USASA National Team, the corporation’s Executive Director, the members of the corporation’s Executive Board, the Series Directors Representative, the Coaches Representative, and the two Riders Representatives elected by Competitors.” 

National Championships at Copper Mtn

The USASA is pleased to announce event elements that competitors will enjoy at the 2015 USASA National Championships.
  • VAST ACTION Photographers will once again be on site, taking professional quality photos at all venues during both Snowboard and Ski week. All VAST Action Photos are FREE for any registered competitor to download! That’s right.... parents can leave their cameras at home and not have to worry about paying for high quality photos after the event. FREE Photos for ALL athletes at Nationals!
  • MEDICINE IN MOTION will be on site, set up at the top of the Halfpipe venue, offering free Physical and Massage therapy.
  • VIDEO NIGHT, SUNDAY MARCH 29TH AT “THE BARN” at WOODWARD. Screening of the top videos from the nationwide GoPro Video Games contest. A panel of judges will be on hand to score the top films and online voting will take place all week to determine the winners.
  • BANKED SLALOM. Qualified Skiers will join Snowboarders in this exciting event taking place on Friday, April 3rd. This year’s course will be located on Lower Bittersweet. Criteria for qualifying detailed on the website.
  • USASA National Championships MOBILE APP. The new app, developed by RMS Series Director, Paul Krahulec, has all the information you’ll need at the Championships: Schedule of events, Comprehensive Riders Guide, Copper Mountain event site map, discounts at Copper, Athlete groups, Results and much, much more. Download from the Q-Reader at Registration, or log onto
  • FREE “CARVE CLINIC” PRESENTED BY TEAM USASA MEMBERS. 2014-15 team member Maggie Rose Carrigan and other members of the team will be meeting interested carvers, March 28th at the Main Stage in front of the American Eagle lift at 7:45 AM to head up for the clinic. The complete roster of clinicians will be posted at Athlete Registration.
  • WAX CLINIC WITH OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL COACH, BUD KEENE. Bud will be presenting wax clinics for interested board or ski tuners. Learn the nuances of high end waxing from the snowboard coach with the most Olympic Gold medal winning performances. For details, please contact Bud: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please be sure to check out the USASA National Championships RIDER and SKIER GUIDES on for additional information, discounts, event site map and schedules of additional events. You will find the guides beneath the NATIONALS tab on the home page.


September 2, 2014.

The USASA is pleased to announce that 31 series will be presenting events across the nation this year. Mergers of existing series and the addition of two new series will better serve USASA members across the country.


The Grand Canyon Series, based out of Flagstaff, Arizona will be spearheaded by USASA Series Director Scott Sawyer. The Grand Canyon team is very experienced in event management and are looking forward to presenting events at up to three resorts this winter.

Western Washington State will have a new USASA Series located in proximity to the Seattle area. Brandy Powell will be the new Series Director for events taking place at Steven’s Pass and The Summit at Smoqualamie resorts this winter.

The USASA extends its most sincere thanks to Michele and Dave Schnake, Directors of the Enter the Dragon Series, for their dedicated years of service to the USASA and its members in Oregon. With the departure of the Schnakes, the USASA is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Brown as Series Director of the newly named Central Oregon Series. Adam will be working closely with the Schnakes over the next few months to ensure a smooth transition for athletes in the Pacific Northwest.

Special thanks to outgoing Middle Earth Series Director Monique Shorr, for her efforts building the Michigan-based USASA series. Greg Flowers, former Series Director of the Huck Finn Series will be expanding his series to include members from Middle Earth. The name of the new series, based in Michigan, will be the USASA Great Lakes Snow Series.


In addition to the new series presenting USASA events this year, the organization is pleased to announce the appointment of new Series Directors for the following series:

Maine Mountain Series will be directed by Chrissy and Bill Hamel of Franklin, New Hampshire. The Hamels have two boys, both of whom competed at USASA Nationals and in the Maine Mountain Series for the last few seasons. Special thanks to Sean and Terry Keough who directed the Maine Mountain Series for the past decade. Their daughter Katie serves as one of two Rider Representatives on the USASA Executive Board.

Lynn Merriam will be taking over the USASA Aspen / Snowmass Series from outgoing Series Director, Tyler Lindsay. Lindsay, who served as National Champion Technical Supervisor at the Rail Jam venue, will be assisting Lynn as she transitions into her new role directing the Aspen based series.On behalf of the USASA, thanks for making the 25th Anniversary of the USASA National Championships such an amazing experience. You are all part of something truly special!

Pete Davis,
USASA Executive Director

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The 25th Anniversary of the USASA National Championships is in the record books. It truly was an incredible event! Many veterans of past USASA National Championships have declared that the 2014 event at Copper Mountain was the best ever presented by the organization. During ten days of competition, attendees experienced a little bit of everything from bluebird, sunny Colorado days, to overnight snowfalls resulting in powder filled mornings. Past USASA competitors who have grown into Olympians, awarded medals to countless kids. It was wonderful to have so many of these elite athletes on hand to inspire the next generation. There were miles of smiles at Copper and we were thrilled to share it all with you.


The opening ceremonies began with a very special moment as we honored the legacy of the founder of the USASA, Chuck Allen. Having Chuck's family join us on stage, to share the excitement surrounding our Silver Anniversary, was truly an awe-inspiring moment. It was great seeing this year’s Chuck Allen Founder’s Award winner, Don Sather, accept his well-deserved award, recognizing his years of dedicated service to the USASA.

From our humble beginnings, kick-started with a $500 donation from Transworld Snowboard Magazine, our membership has grown to over 5,000 strong. Without you, we would not be able make the USASA National Championships happen, year after year. The efforts of our 30 Series Directors, combined with the passion of thousands of dedicated volunteers, has created a movement that provides opportunities for thousands and launched hundreds of professional snowboard and freeski careers.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!
Their continued support, makes it possible for the organization to provide opportunities for the next generation of kids on snow. Please support the companies that proudly sponsor the USASA.

Next year, USASA Series will once again host more than 500 events nationwide, to send the best representatives from their regions to compete in the largest snowboard and freeski event in the world. This year, to assist competitors in financial need, the USASA Foundation distributed over $35,000 in scholarships and we plan to double that figure next year.

On behalf of the USASA, thanks for making the 25th Anniversary of the USASA National Championships such an amazing experience. You are all part of something truly special!

Pete Davis,
USASA Executive Director

From 550+ events to One - the 25th Annual USASA National Championships Begin March 30

COPPER MOUNTAIN, CO – The road to the 25th annual United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association’s (USASA) championships will end where it began this year, at Colorado’s Copper Mountain Resort.  Between the opening event on November 11, 2013 to the snowboarder’s opening ceremonies on Saturday, March 29, some 550 events have been held involving over 4,000 competitors.  During the Silver Anniversary of the USASA National Championships, nearly 1200 snowboard athletes will compete in six disciplines while nearly 550 skiers will participate in four individual events.

USASA Executive Director Pete Davis stated, “The excitement building for the Silver Anniversary USASA National Championships is phenomenal.  The success of USASA athletes that competed in the Winter Olympics in Sochi this winter has generated real awareness of the talent level coming to Copper.  We are all looking forward to great competition at some of the best venues we’ve ever seen at our National Championships.  Copper has really raised the bar this year!”

Founded in 1988, the USASA is the first organization exclusively focused on competitive grassroots snowboarding.  The belief was that by forming a national association for snowboard competitors, rules of competition could be standardized and an annual national championship event could be established for the rapidly growing sport.  Two short years later, USASA held its premiere national championships at Snow Valley, CA.  Freeskiing was later added and a companion championships, exclusively for skiers, was established.

Competitors at the 25th USASA National Championships range in age from 7 to 70 and hail from 30 Regional Series, with half of the states in the US represented including Alaska and Hawaii.  Snowboarders earned invitations to participate at the National Championships in Alpine (Slalom, Giant Slalom and Boardercross) and/or Freestyle (Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Rail Jam) events.  The disciplines available for Freeskiers include Skiercross, Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Rail Jam.

In celebration of USASA’s Silver Anniversary National Championships, several special events and unique elements are on tap for the competitors.  One of the most interesting will be a walk down memory lane of past championships through a display of memorabilia including medals, bibs, as well as correspondence from competitors and alumni.  Founding members of the organization will participate in this year’s events as will members of the family of USASA founder, Chuck Allen.

Among the special elements waiting for the athletes this year will be free photography at all venues and disciplines from VAST Action Photography, Medicine in Motion will be offering complimentary Physical and Massage Therapy, a free video night featuring entries from a nationwide video contest at Woodward at Copper, a Banked Slalom exhibition event for prequalified competitors, a USASA National Championship Mobile App, a free “carve” clinic from Team USASA members and a Wax Clinic with Olympic Gold Medal Coach, Bud Keene and more.  The Vendor Village, located in Burning Stones Plaza, will feature a wide array of sponsor tents, custom tee shirts, contests, samples and fun interactive events presented by sponsors of the USASA.

“USASA was the first contest series I competed in. It allowed me to go to nationals and ride with the best riders my age from all over the country. Not only did it push my riding and get my snowboarding career started but I also now have a low of friends to this day I met through USASA,” commented Louie Vito, 2010 US Olympic Team rider and X Games Champion in the 2014 USASA Media Guide.

Danny Kass, 2-time Olympic Silver Medalist agreed with Vito through his remarks in the Media Guide, “The USASA Foundation and its support for the young children of America are the biggest reason I has a chance to win an Olympic medal. If not for the USASA, I would never have had a chance to compete at the junior level.  It gave me the tools and experiences I would need for my entire career as a professional snowboarder.”

The USASA 25th National Championships, which are a TTR four-star event, kick off on Saturday, March 29 with age group practice sessions across all disciplines.  The athlete parade for the 30 Regional Series as well as opening ceremonies will get under way at 5:30.  Competition begins Sunday, March 30 and ends on Thursday, April 3, with the Exhibition Banked Slalom event the following day.  Featured riders in the Banked Slalom will include Olympic medalists Lindsey Jacobellis and Ross Powers.

The Ski Nationals, an Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) Silver level event, commence on April 5th with Opening Ceremonies and practice.  Award ceremonies will be held in the Burning Stones Plaza from 4:00 – 6:00 following each day’s snowboarding and freeskiing competitions.


Whirlwind tour for IPC athletes results in schedule change for Boardercross® event

The Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi featured a star-studded team from the USA, many of whom will be competing at the 25th Annual USASA National Championships at Copper Mountain.  Because of their whirlwind, post-Sochi special appearance schedule, Team USA IPC Boardercross® competitors will be racing at Copper Mountain on a revised schedule.  The USA Paralympians have been invited to a special, post-Sochi media reception in Washington DC, the same day as the SBX event scheduled for Adaptive athletes. 

The SBX competition will take place as originally scheduled for all non-IPC /Adaptive Snowboard athletes at Copper.  However, to accommodate the IPC athletes who will in Washington, DC on April 3rd, a separate IPC / SBX event will take place on April 9th, the day after the final day of the USASA Ski National Championships.   Providing the venue for the IPC athletes affords the athletes with an opportunity to compete in their very own SBX National Championships, an IPC event used, in part, to determine the 2014-15 USA National Team roster.

Commenting on the whirlwind schedule for the IPC athletes he coaches, Head USA Coach Miah Wheeler commented, “We appreciate the relationship we have with USASA because of their willingness to adapt to our chaotic schedules.  This year is especially hectic because of our great success at the Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.  It will be extremely entertaining watching the best Adaptive riders in the world battle it out at Copper Mountain.”

The format for the SBX race on the 9th will feature early morning inspection and training runs, followed by 3 single, timed runs during which the athletes will ride individually on the SBX course at Copper Mountain.   All other Adaptive snowboard competitors at this year’s USASA National Championships are scheduled to compete as part of Group 1 with their SBX event on April 3rd.   The complete National Championship schedule for all athletes is posted on line at under the NATIONALS tab on the homepage. 

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