Thursday May 28, 2015

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PacSun USASA Team increases Medal Count to 8


Faye Gulini and Chloe Banning
USASA PacSun Team members Faye Gulini, Chloe Banning and Mick Dierdorff increased the team’s medal count to 8 on Saturday in the SBX on the final day of the USSA Revolution Tour event in Copper Colorado.  The competition was intense with over 40 women and 100 men representing several countries vying for a spot in the finals.    The Copper race crew worked tirelessly to build a course that would challenge a wide range of technical skills for the riders. A total of 6 PacSun team members were entered into the day’s event.  Gulini, Banning and Dierdorff were joined by Chris Mahaney,  Mack Joyce and Jackie Hernandez on the start list. 


During the qualifiers, Faye laid down a blistering run for the women coming across the finish line in just a hair over 58 seconds- one of only two women to break 1 minute in the time trials.  Chloe qualified in 4th place with a time of just over a minute.  Jackie was just behind Chloe qualifying in 5th place.  In the men’s race, Chris Mahaney qualified in 3rd and Mick wound up in 10th.  Mack Joyce was riding strong, but a fall in the time trials prevented him from making the 32 man finals. 

Mick Dierdorff
The finals got started with some intense racing as riders battled for the 2 transfer spots in each heat.  Mick got behind US Team member Jonathan Cheever in the first round and stayed safely on his tail to advance to the quarter finals.  Mahaney led right out of the gate to easily advance to the next round.  Mick’s quarter final round provide the most intriguing moment of the day.  Mick was running in fourth place behind Cheever, Rob Rudy and 2008 Rev Tour SBX winner JJ Tomlinson.  Rob and JJ got tangled up with each other coming over the last jump and slid across the finish line just as Mick came up from behind.  After several tense minutes reviewing the video, the finish judge determined that JJ actually went through the gate and was DSQ’ed.  In a eerily “Phelpsian” moment, Rudy was on the ground reaching for the finish when Mick’s outstretched fingertips crossed the line a split second before Rob’s to take second place and a spot in the semifinals. 


In the semi’s,  Mick had a strong pull out of the gate and led for most of the race to advance to the finals.  A pileup on the course cost Mahaney a spot in the finals and he moved on to the Consolation round.  The Men’s final pitted Mick against Alex Diebld, US SBX team member and 2 members of the Canadian SBX Team.  Diebold pulled hard and led out of the gate with Mick hot on his heels.  Mick tried several time to catch up to Alex while holding off the Canadian riders.  Mick made a final move coming into the finish to try to get around Alex.  He was charging hard but ran out of course as Diebold crossed the finish line with Mick’s board just off his back binding.  In the consolation round, Mahaney led for most of the race until US Team member Bobby Minghini just slipped by him over the final spine feature to finish 5th and bump Chris to 6th.

In the women’s races, Faye, Chloe and Jackie easily advanced in their quarter final races to the semifinals.  Faye and Chloe rode a solid race in the semi’s to earn a spot in the finals while a crash sent Jackie to a spot in the consolation round. In the finals, Faye crossed the finish line in first with Chloe a couple of board lengths back in 2nd.  Jackie, with a sore right hand from her crash in the semi’s crossed the line last in the consi’s for 8th place on the day.

Overall, it was great day for the USASA Pacsun Team with 3 podium spots and 5 riders in the top ten to bring the medal total to 8. As the first qualifying event for FIS Junior World Championships in Nagano, Japan this was an important day to determine who gets one of the 6 (3 Men and 3 Women) SBX spots.  Faye and Chloe were the top finishing juniors for the women while Mick and Chris went 1-2 in the Men’s junior standings.  The battle for the Junior World spots continues Monday and Tuesday Jan 19th and 20th when Copper hosts a FIS Nor-Am event.  As it stands right now, USASA PacSun Team members already hold 5 of the 11 decided spots for Nagano Junior Worlds. PacSun Team riders proved throughout the Copper Rev Tour that they are the riders to beat on any given day.  They represent everything that makes USASA special: good riders who work hard and are passionate about the sport.  Most importantly, they represent a commitment to snowboarding, camaraderie and good sportsmanship.  The USASA and PacSun are proud to have these young men and women represent them on a National and International stage.

5 medals in 2 days for Pacsun USASA Team at Copper Revolution Tour


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