Friday May 29, 2015

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What a week at Woodward!

EOS19614.jpgWow, what a week at Camp Woodward! This place is better than Disneyland. I knew we had a great group of riders on the PacSun Team this year but after spending a week with them I can truly say I am super impressed. Not just with their athletic talent but also their personalities and enthusiam and attitudes. Bouncing trampoline, tumbling, swimming, log rolling, BMXing and just plain hanging out with them made me feel like I was 18 again, except for my sore muscles and back. I don't want to brag or anything (yeah right) but I believe I am the only one from our group that managed both a forward roll and a cartwheel across the log roll in the pool and I was undefeated on the BMX race track. I wonder how it feels to be a teenager and get beat by an old man... Chris? Trevor? Roger? Ha! Seriously though, I think everyone learned something this week, all of us (including me and the coaches) got stronger and we all made some solid new friendships that will last a lifetime. What a blast.


EOS19620.jpg Derek and Faye had the latest flights out today and were going to be stuck at the empty camp for a few hours. Since I am not flying out until tomorrow I decided to grab them and do a quick field trip to Penns Cave, a limestone cavern boat tour, and then drop them off at the airport after that. We had a super fun time, Faye even got to be the co-pilot on the boat (we only hit a few walls with our boat) and Derek now knows the difference between a stalagtite and a stalagmite.




EOS19618.jpg When I got back from the airport it was a totally different environment at camp. Everyone left today, not just our team but the entire camp because it is the end of the season. The place is a ghost town. I walked around camp and saw the course and ramps that were packed last night now totally empty.




gocarts.jpg Luckily the Fuel TV crew was still around and not ready to just pack up and leave quite yet. We had a heated go cart race session this evening with no major injuries and only a couple broken carts. Then I headed up to the lodge for a BBQ with the Fuel TV crew. They had started a sand volleyball game and when I got up there is was getting pretty dark. Rather than quiting, they busted out generators and lights and turned night into day on the court which allowed us to continue playing until about 11pm! It was a rad way to end a killer week at camp. I can't wait for next year.



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