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Day 4 brings more of everything.   Our morning workout showed the coaches that the team was really picking up some new skills.  Jackie Hernandez was on fire. I think she learned so many new things this week she cant even keep track of her new skills.  


Jackie backflips into the pit.

After our morning workout it was back to Lot 8 for more awesome rollerboard action.  The team was getting pretty comfortable with the rollerboards so it was decided we would try out the vert ramp.  The crew quickly showed me that the rollerboards were as useful on the resi-vert ramp as they had been on the straight jump.


Tyler Anderson... I am not gonna lie, he slammed pretty hard on this back 5.


Terror Jacob rollerboarding the VERT Ramp!


Uhhhh. yeah, thats why we call him Terror... Trevor Jacob is insane.


Mack hitting the cliff jump into foamie...

After our rollerboard session, Jason had set up a private ropes course session for the Pacsun USASA team.  Last year Chris Mahaney and I were partners with awesome success, so we partnered up again.  Last year we made it through the entire course (which is 60-100 feet off he ground) without falling.  This year we were commited to taking it up a notch.  We were going to try to do some of the features without hands or try to jump and land back on the features.  After all, we were harnessed into a cable. In the end I took some major whippers, Chris pulled quite a bit off though.


Miah Jumping for it!


Faye and Tamblecat on the ropes course.


Jason and Paul on the ropes course.

I know it is ridiculous, but we still had one more workout before the day was done.  The team was getting tired.  We had been playing at full capacity for 4 days straight now.  we went from 9 in the morning till 9 at night, barely stopping for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  


Miah spotting Jackie on a Backie. (Kiah and Mahaney should be proud of me for rhyming that one.)


 Derek Johnson tweaks it like its his job, oh wait, it is his job!

Also make sure to check out Jason's recap of the week and photo gallery...

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