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Day 3 


Speeding away at Woodward.  Dont let Trevor drive.  Chris and Kelly learn the hard way not to let a 15 year old lunatic drive.  Just kidding.  Good thing there wasnt a key or they would have been holding on for dear life.









standing_on_everest.jpg Day 3 brings more time in Lot 8 on rollerboards.  The crew is really starting to dial in the whole rollerboard thing.  There were some double backs, attempted double corks, and tons of new innovative tricks going down.  Mikaela nailed her first back flip.  Faye styled out her first real deal frontside rodeo.  Trevor stepped it up an transfered from the ramp onto the resi, which spurred a flurry of transfers and hilarious wrecks.


















Tyler and Brettfest geeking out in the background while Faye shows us that she brushes her teeth frequently.












Chris Mahaney off the cliff drops into the foam pit before our team dinner

We had an awesome dinner tonight with the team and key Woodward staff.  Woodward owner ,Gary Ream, stoked us out with a ride to dinner in the sweet Woodward school bus.   Gary seemed more stoked than the kids to actually be riding in a school bus again.









Chris Mahaney in his sweet custom dress jacket vest 



























The team waiting for the school bus to pick them up again.  I think Tyler had a little too much energy so he chucked a couple backies in the street.  Look at Kelly's face, I think thats the same look that I had on my face when I saw this picture.


Later that night I caught Jason and Spencer working on their sychronized trampoline routine.  I had seriously been wondering where those two had been escaping to all week without telling anyone.  Rumor has it that they have this routine choreographed to a Back Street Boys song and their outfits are leopard print unitards.

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