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PacSun USASA Team at Woodward

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PacSun USASA Team at Woodward
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The day started off with a vigorous workout with world class Woodward coaches, Olympic medalist Phoebe Mills and World Class Snowboard Coach Rick Shimpeno.  Also supporting the group was PacSun USASA coaches Spencer Tamblyn and Miah Wheeler.  Supporting Miah and Spencer were PacSun USASA team manager Paul "60 Grit" Krahulec, and USASA Executive Director Jason Toutolmin.  Everyone had their support.


The Motley PacSun USASA Crew at their first workout. 


Lovely Phoebe and The Rick


"60 Grit" in the house!


After a butt kicking workout we all went to the cafeteria for an awesome lunch where Derek Johnson was caught mid-banana...


Jackie Hernandez, Mimi Wiencke, and Faye Gulini chillin' in the shade after lunch.

As lunch wound down Tyler Anderson talked Woodward counseler Audris into letting him check out his sweet rollerblades.  We thought that Tyler had no business rollerblading when it was obvious he didn't even know how to put on the things by himself!


Adris helpsTyler put on his rollerblades.

  Little did we know... Not only is Tyler a phenomenal snowboarder, Tyler has mad rollerblade skills too!!!


 "Smooth Operator"

Next we were off to the artificial snow surface where we would talk goals and watch some of the team huck off a 8 foot jump into a big bag of air filled goodness, nice and soft!


Kiah Ellis, Derek Johnson, and Tyler Anderson goalsetting.


Kiah hucking a squirell flip (front flip) into the airbag.

 As the day wound down we had one more workout as the sun set.


Derek hucks one more punch front under the supervision of coach Miah before the sun goes down.

 The end of day 1 found everyone exhausted and stoked to lay down for the evening.  Click next below to see what happened on day 2...

Day 2 

grouprollerwarmup.jpgRollerboarding is a new concept that will take off-snow training to another level. Rollerboards are essentially snowboards with bindings and rollerblade wheels mounted into the board.  The result is a board that feels much like a real snowboard.  This piece of equiptment coupled with Woodward's unique drop-in/ 8 foot jump into a foam pit will prove to be the future of freestyle snowboard progression.


The crew warms up on the rollerboards before firing things up.


Kiah Stepped up first, throwing huge inverted sevens.  The rest of  the crew was quick to follow suit with a deep bag of tricks.


Kelly Marren with some smooth style.


Kelly stoked to be neck deep in the foam!

Today the team totally gelled.  It is awsome to see a crew gel so quickly.  The support this crew shows each other (even with the hilarious hijinx) would stoke anyone out.  These athletes were truly helping each other in such a positive way, whether it was reminding each other to pad up, or holding each other so they didnt accidentally drop into Everest (the gigantic drop in to the jump).  Everyone knew they were a part of  a crew that had their back.


The big picture.  Everest (the 2 story drop in) is in the background with the pit in the foreground.  You can see Derek Johnson using the rope to struggle out of the depths of foam.


Brett "Brettfest" Esser getting some quality feedback from the coaches.

Whats wrong with the next two pictures???


Chris Mahaney



If you guessed they were DQ'd for losing their helmets you are right!!!  No helmet = Disqualification

Not only that, Brett lost my elbow pad in the foam pit.  I can only guess how many wallets/cellphones/sparechange/dentures are buried in the pit.


Miah digging... It's like looking for a needle in a haystack...  Brett is definitly DQ'd now!


Trevor cheering Brett up after the DQ.

One thing about Trevor is that he is always trying to beat me up.  As a general principle I would never fight back with an athlete, Trevor is an exception.  The first two days he took me down at least a dozen times.  If trevor had a dollar for every time he took me down and I walked away he would have like 10 bucks. Tonight he was so tired that when he tried to take me down, I reacted like a ninja and worked him.  So, he has like 10 bucks and I have a dollar.  Sweet!

After another fun filled day the team was ready to chill.  As the sun went down some of the boys chose to relax around the campfire and get amped for the evening workout with a nice cold RedBull.


Mac Joyce, Tyler Anderson, and Chris Mahaney get ready to call it a night.  

Click next below to see what kind of trouble the PacSun USASA team can get into at camp Woodward on Day 3...

Day 3 


Speeding away at Woodward.  Dont let Trevor drive.  Chris and Kelly learn the hard way not to let a 15 year old lunatic drive.  Just kidding.  Good thing there wasnt a key or they would have been holding on for dear life.









standing_on_everest.jpg Day 3 brings more time in Lot 8 on rollerboards.  The crew is really starting to dial in the whole rollerboard thing.  There were some double backs, attempted double corks, and tons of new innovative tricks going down.  Mikaela nailed her first back flip.  Faye styled out her first real deal frontside rodeo.  Trevor stepped it up an transfered from the ramp onto the resi, which spurred a flurry of transfers and hilarious wrecks.


















Tyler and Brettfest geeking out in the background while Faye shows us that she brushes her teeth frequently.












Chris Mahaney off the cliff drops into the foam pit before our team dinner

We had an awesome dinner tonight with the team and key Woodward staff.  Woodward owner ,Gary Ream, stoked us out with a ride to dinner in the sweet Woodward school bus.   Gary seemed more stoked than the kids to actually be riding in a school bus again.









Chris Mahaney in his sweet custom dress jacket vest 



























The team waiting for the school bus to pick them up again.  I think Tyler had a little too much energy so he chucked a couple backies in the street.  Look at Kelly's face, I think thats the same look that I had on my face when I saw this picture.


Later that night I caught Jason and Spencer working on their sychronized trampoline routine.  I had seriously been wondering where those two had been escaping to all week without telling anyone.  Rumor has it that they have this routine choreographed to a Back Street Boys song and their outfits are leopard print unitards.


Day 4 brings more of everything.   Our morning workout showed the coaches that the team was really picking up some new skills.  Jackie Hernandez was on fire. I think she learned so many new things this week she cant even keep track of her new skills.  


Jackie backflips into the pit.

After our morning workout it was back to Lot 8 for more awesome rollerboard action.  The team was getting pretty comfortable with the rollerboards so it was decided we would try out the vert ramp.  The crew quickly showed me that the rollerboards were as useful on the resi-vert ramp as they had been on the straight jump.


Tyler Anderson... I am not gonna lie, he slammed pretty hard on this back 5.


Terror Jacob rollerboarding the VERT Ramp!


Uhhhh. yeah, thats why we call him Terror... Trevor Jacob is insane.


Mack hitting the cliff jump into foamie...

After our rollerboard session, Jason had set up a private ropes course session for the Pacsun USASA team.  Last year Chris Mahaney and I were partners with awesome success, so we partnered up again.  Last year we made it through the entire course (which is 60-100 feet off he ground) without falling.  This year we were commited to taking it up a notch.  We were going to try to do some of the features without hands or try to jump and land back on the features.  After all, we were harnessed into a cable. In the end I took some major whippers, Chris pulled quite a bit off though.


Miah Jumping for it!


Faye and Tamblecat on the ropes course.


Jason and Paul on the ropes course.

I know it is ridiculous, but we still had one more workout before the day was done.  The team was getting tired.  We had been playing at full capacity for 4 days straight now.  we went from 9 in the morning till 9 at night, barely stopping for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  


Miah spotting Jackie on a Backie. (Kiah and Mahaney should be proud of me for rhyming that one.)


 Derek Johnson tweaks it like its his job, oh wait, it is his job!

Also make sure to check out Jason's recap of the week and photo gallery...

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