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08-09 PacSun USASA Snowboard Team Attacks Mt Hood

intro_shot.jpgA week in the life of the PacSun Snowboard Team at Windells Snowboard Camp in Mt. Hood Oregon. Mother nature threw everything she had their way. Wind, Rain, Snow, Sun, Fun and Pain. Check out 6 of the new team recruits and their experience in the great northwest. June can be a challenge up there on the hill, but they survived the test.

5.jpg-- Fired Up and Raising Their Game --

Saturday, June 7th 

 Day 1

Today, 4 members of the newly appointed 08-09 PacSun Snowboard Team and I had our first rockin' day on the hill together here at Mt Hood. The riders, including Broc Waring, Brett Esser, Fay Gulini and Molly Wilson had a blast riding fresh snow in June.

It was slush pow slashes all around, freeriding some fun little jumps and chasing each oher through the natural terrain and tree runs of Timberline Ski Area at Mt Hood, OR. What started as a sad rainy morning, turned out to be a great start to what we hope will be a productive week here at Windells Ski and Snowboard Camp. 

Now, we are passing the afternoon hours skating in BOB, Windells indoor ramp and tramp facility. Tonight we will be joined by other PacSun Team riders Kelly Marren and Derek Johnson. With sun in the forcast and nearly 900 inches of accumulated snowfall this winter at Mt Hood, we are sure to be in for some great days.

I will keep you posted on the teams riding and activity as the week progresses. 

Rider in photo: Brett Esser                                        

Sunday, June 8th 

 Day 2

Today, everyone on Mt. Hood was blessed with an amazing blue sky and conditions to make the pickiest of riders rejoice. The entire group had a great time riding halfpipe and seshing the jumps of the public park, while the Windells crew worked hard to complete work on the camp facility which had been buried by the new snow and wind of previous days. It was a perfect day of riding. Chris Owen, an incredible and decorated photographer was working with us as well and USASA director Jason Toutolmin. The energy was amazing and the kids were flying. Follow the link below to check out some of the great action.

Check out some shots from Jason Toutolmin of the first photo day

Monday and Tuesday, June 9th and 10th 

Day 3 & 4

As is often the case in the Mt Hood area, the month of June has brought spring snow, rain, wind and low laying clouds that made riding on the 3rd and 4th days impossible, or at least, undesirable. So, we spent our time getting individual portraits of the riders taken, skating in BOB, going to the movies, stretching, going to Portland for a little mall action and even a great Greek dinner in the city center.  The weather forcast for the next 2 days, which are sadly our last 2 days of camp, is looking bright. More sun, stability returning to the area and even warm temps are on the way. So we are excited and going to bed early. Tomorrow will bring more action on the hill and another chance to raise the bar, and to get the shot.

Wednesday, June 11th

Day 5

written by: Kelly Marren

Today was a whirlwind of expectations. Spencer woke us up (WAY too early) to rain and clouds. Everyone put on their warmest clothes not looking forward to the weather, but excited to finally snowboard after two off days. As we drove up to the mountain, the rain turned to snow and right as we got to the top of Timberline the bad weather instantly STOPPED. As we stepped out of the van, the sun was breaking through and everyone was looking forward to a beautiful blue sky day.

fay_hugeness.jpgUnfortunately, as we rode up the Mile chair, we discovered that the wind was going to be a serious factor. At the top of the jumps we decided that we wouldn't be able to jump with the wind gusting like it was. We headed to the boxes and rails to make the most of the day and Chris' time. We then met up with Tricia Byrnes, and the go211 team. We started off shooting the girls box "sesh"ions where Molly did a sick cab 270 on, I did my first ever 270 off a box, and Faye showed off her sick style.  Then, we joined the boys, who had made a makeshift quarter pipe and jump where all the girls worked on handplants and Broc and Brett doupled the two hits for a sweet shot.

broc_hip_pop.jpgFrom there, we headed to the lodge for lunch and some interviews with go211. We all went back to Windells, fell asleep in the van, and did some skating at BOB. This week, with help from the boys (and inspiration from Molly) I learned to skateboard and even how to drop in! Being here with PacSun has broadened my horizions and given me the advantage of working with photographers, videographers, and being in facilities at Windells where I have been able to bounce on tramps into foam pits and skateboard for some cross training. I can't wait for tomorrow (which is supossed to be sunny and beautiful) and the rest of my season as a PacSun rider where I know I will be met with support and oppurtunities I hope to take advantage of. -KM-

Riders in Photos: Faye Gulini and Broc Waring

Thursday, June 12th

Day 6

tasty flavorful words by: Brett Esser

derek_front_3_indy_in_hip.jpgToday was an awesome day, it was sunny and gorgeous out. It made the whole crew want to get after it. We started the day out with Spencer waking us up with a camera in our face, and Kelly saying "it's sunny!" So we headed up and took a warm up run from the top, then went over to this natural hip that we helped build. Everyone was killing the hip, and the hip was killing everyone else (haha), but everyone was pumped, Derek with some sweet front 3's, Kelly with some bangin' methods, Molly with some stylish airs, Broc with some 3's and sick airs, Faye with her sweet style, and myself with some really neato fancy front 3's with afterbangin flavor, dawg. The session came to a close, as everyone began to grow tired from the busy week. We hung in the sun a little longer, took a group shot and headed back to camp. It was time to sadly pack up our gear and reflect on the incredible day we had just enjoyed. After we were done packing we headed over to dinner to eat some tacos, then headed up to BOB to have some fun for one last time. Then came disorientation and the infamous end of session dance party to finish off the trip by dancing the night away. This was an awesome trip and was so much fun. I am glad we came, even with the bad weather on some days. Big Thanks to Tim and the staff at Windells, Go211, RedBull, PacSun, USASA, Jason, Spencer, Chris, and the rest of the PacSun team.

Rider in Photo: Derek Johnson

Days 1,2,3 & 4 written and photos on days 5 &6 by PacSun coach -Spencer Tamblyn- 


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