Tuesday May 26, 2015

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skatingHey everyone!

Happy New Years! First of all, congrats to all on still being alive!

I’m looking forward to a really exciting and productive 2013! Thanks to my win at USASA nationals Open Class in slope, I got invited to the first half pipe world cup down in New Zealand last summer! That was my first big pipe comp back and I ended up in 9! Second out of U.S girls! I also did the New Zealand Open in Slope and ended up getting 7! The second U.S. girl again!

I spent my whole fall skateboarding and going to college at the U. I was stoked my professors let me skip the first month in the fall because of my comps down under!  I went to the USSA Project Gold camp at the end of October.  That was real fun and I ended up polishing up every off axis trick in both directions as well as learning dub cork 10 on the trampoline!

dirtAs soon as the snow started flowing here in Utah, I started skiing!  You can see below that my first shred sesh had much more mud then snow ;)  but it got better!

I sent it out to Colorado right after Thanksgiving to shred Keystone’s jumps as well as compete in the North Face Open Park and Pipe at Copper which was just a pipe comp!  I landed a solid run for the beginning of the year and ended up in 7!  My tricks in pipe are stomped, now I’m bringing up the amplitude and things will be going even better!

I came back here to Park City the 8 of December, and have been working on slope, shredding with my homies as well as some training sessions with Axis.  I dropped this edit a day ago filmed by 32 degree productions! I’m stoked to be getting off axis tricks to the left as well as to the right! 

Jamie Crane-MauzyWatch Video

I leave on Thursday for the Copper Grand Prix where I will be competing slope as well as pipe! From there I’m traveling all around the world competing on the Association of Freeskiing Professionals World Tour! I’m most excited right now to go to the Olympic Test Event in Sochi, Russia.  Russia seems extremely exotic and different to me, so I’m excited for the experience!

Thanks for reading my quick little update!


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