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sac occasion lancel can also explain not the corpse of Fu was a Jiang corpse
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TOPIC: sac occasion lancel can also explain not the corpse of Fu was a Jiang corpse

sac occasion lancel can also explain not the corpse of Fu was a Jiang corpse 11 months, 1 week ago #99524

  • ajcprshh89
Generation Jiang corpse how of oneself is from the coffin in sit,
sac occasion lancel?Afraid is the Jiang corpse wants to change to go corpse!"
The partridge Shao feeling knows that shape king of that generation corpse is tall big, differs with ordinary people, while was living necessarily is inside outside double of strange person who fixed, the corpse became not compare a little.The bad Dou at that moment also canned not considered of to pay attention to together black pipa Jing of fine chicken of Nu again, the eye sees a matter suddenly and says very serious,, start first for strong, suddenly on turning round, will the Ye start a form to progress by leaps coffin to unload Jiang corpse big Zhui,
sukey gucci bag.
Didn't expect non-arrival near front, but the ancient corpse seeing start to sit in the coffin peep out a furry face after death, it is a monkey to make faces unexpectedly.Originally this monkey sees the poisonous scorpion in the coffin die, another black pipa and then be held up by cock in the distance, then take advantage o public unprepared think to the extrication presses at under the coffin Guo of Cang ape.It silently slips away into coffin, wants to move away Jiang corpse and eases the weight of purple gold Guo.
Have never become to think just from after death pushed Jiang corpse, collapse of chicken head coincidentally flew will come over, bump Jiang corpse face ascend full is a chicken blood.The monkey fears to see chicken blood most ,, so has "kill the chicken lets monkey sees" to say,
oakleys sunglasses.That monkey explores a head to see the blood sprinkle Li, again the Chou sees that half chicken head drop by the side of the body,, Wu from dead not night eyes, seem to keep an eye to mutually see dead to stare at oneself,, frighten while ascending the psyche fly to spread and opened widely the monkey mouth sending out of Ao one Be surprised to shout, the fart rolls urine to flow a ground of Cuan purple gold Guo,
lancel mini flirt, climbed a tree to escape to go into Lin Zhong,
ray ban wayfarer rare prints.
Once that monkey escape, the Jiang corpse in coffin lost to prop up, then again the Gu Dong Be a to re- lie to pour to return to, the partridge Shao sees again is a good spirit, and then is funny, scolded a sentence in the heart:"Sprinkle a monkey, escape the Ren sort is fast."He see isn't Jiang corpse difference to change, was also a piece of rock to fall to the ground in the heart, but the partridge Shao didn't drop with the light heart, anti- the corpse pouring to more feel coffin medieval times has a difference.That Jiang corpse is little to say to also die hundreds of years, it goes into ground not to turn, Yu and become Jiang, so-called it BE, necessarily have it because of, at that time the Jiang of Jiang corpse, should also write "Jiang",
lancel handbags online, there is underground corpse coming to a deadlock the withered idea of wax is like the tree trunk, can also explain not the corpse of Fu was a Jiang corpse, but even if corpse body not Fu, also necessarily stiff like wood, joint flection not get, can that monkey push from the coffin the that thou Jiang sit to sign,,say that Jiang corpse unexpectedly physical endowment if living, with live a person don't distinguish?
In the Xiang, Qian, Yue east and Yue the desolate mountain area of ground of the west, often have the Jiang corpse the legend for becoming Jing, became the Jiang corpse of Jing still to hide corpse coffin the Guo is den, the time body covers with hair, while arriving dark night to condescend to come will from the coffin in go out Lue person dumb but food, the folks calls it as "corpse king".
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