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lancel malaysia that I direct go to your household important persons
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TOPIC: lancel malaysia that I direct go to your household important persons

lancel malaysia that I direct go to your household important persons 11 months ago #99322

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Dragon of make is enter don't go!"Long Ye answers a way.
"That good,
lancel malaysia, that I direct go to your household important persons,!"Ling Tian Chu hates a way:"If they could not hand over a person ……hum!"
The murderous look that Long Ye is burst out by Ling Tian Chu got a fright,, meticulous way:"Your boy don't make a mess of!"
The one word of Ling Tian Chu is:"Call, I, elder sister and man!"
The doesn't matter of Ya Nuo full face looking at Long Ye and suddenly thinks of her own younger brother ……
The city of dragon covers very and widely, there is mountain, there is plain, there is sea, is a keeping of blue English empire base dragon.It is the absolute main force of blue English empire troops to fly Long Zhan Dui and six dragons to fight a brigade.Therefore, Long Ji and Long Yes' William household's importance in English blue empire be imaginable.Can also say so,
lancel handbags online, the city of dragon also equal to English biggest military base of blue empire.But the location of William's household,
lancel zephyr, be placed in the city of dragon exact center basin part.
Long Ye fly a dragon and stop at household front door,
louis vuitton outlet store, 3 people descended to fly a dragon, in the door of household-a 78-year-old boy, on seeing Long Ye, then inclined fix attention on to ask a way:"Was Long Ye's young master to strike against evil monster empire together with Long Ke's young master?How to come back for a person of oneself?"
Long Ye is also lazy to manage this influence mean person, take to walk in Ling Tian Chu and the door of Ya Nuo Wang.
"Stop!"Keep the gate boy, a block at Ling Tian Chu and Ya Nuo's in front:"The stranger forbids to go into inside, especially east Huang Jian Min!"
Long Ye Nu's way:"They are my friends, you have what qualifications block them!"
Kept the gate boy to make enough power and prestige:"If before, I was a nothing important qualifications,, but now, you however is also Long Ji Bing,
red louis vuitton, and I am at the position nothing important in the household two kinds!The friend of inferior person can not enter the front door of household!"
"Pa!"Ling Tian Chu clear and crisply gave to keep the gate boy one box on the ear:"I tell you this is small miscellaneous kind of, you traverse a grandpa, I am an east emperor person, isn't an east Huang Jian Min!You this dog battle person the guy of power, had better ask for less me, my current mood isn't very good!"
Keep the gate boy Wu to wear a face, loudly wail aloud a way:"Bearer,!It is strong to rush household to want outsider!"
Don't eliminate a short moment, one big cluster of middle age is from the front door in run.
"Long Ye,
louis vuitton discount bags, how did you come back?"A middle age stared Long Ye Yi's eye.But other middle ages, then inwardly laugh secretly, seem to be gloating over the disaster of others.
"The father has urgent matter, so I ……come back first."Long Ye Mian's dew fears to a color, Ling Tian Chu is helplessly
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