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lancel reyes to spread a flower generally and every where hurtle to shoot but go.
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TOPIC: lancel reyes to spread a flower generally and every where hurtle to shoot but go.

lancel reyes to spread a flower generally and every where hurtle to shoot but go. 11 months, 1 week ago #99207

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Namely change to offend in order to guard, but this place of Ba Ta Er's another divide time to then brandish to begin medium weapon rabid, Gu hero's all directionses seal.
At the same time, because the length of sword whip far in the Gu in the middle of the hero's hand lance on, can say the distance that the hero of Gu can not keep intentionally in the other party at all inside, opposes a person to form effective threat.
Break empty since then work properly dint to flow is like numerous strength Nu project the arrows pay and rub with air to produce to irritating to the early blare interjection, even if be dressed in clothes,
lancel reyes, and then have already protected the working properly of body protection cover that the dint forms, the Gu hero still can feel there rush to flow out to since then work properly dint to flow medium crack skin harm muscle of strong power.
Shout at top of voice, Gu hero body form a long, revolve blunt sky but rise, along with the revolving of Gu hero, blood-red color lance top that wild blood-red color work properly dint energy,such as fairy maiden, to spread a flower generally and every where hurtle to shoot but go.
At hurtle into five meters or so air of,, the Gu hero fiercely stopped revolving, the lance united as one in body and hand, such as deep sea flood dragon general,
maroquinerie lancel,, changed direction to be placed in a war turn outside is just preparing to flick knife to correspond Ba Ta Er who fight the regiment.
Because the Gu hero knows, as long as Ba Ta Er exists, he even if 2 that completely destroyed Ba Ta Er divide time, there is also no too great effect.Just everything done , all for the sake of attraction Ba Ta Er's two attentions for dividing time, only haded thus, the Gu hero just could form to one by one resist face to face with Ba Ta Er in the in a short time of situation.
Expect tower Er see Gu the hero offend, cold cold in the heart on smiling,
oakleys sunglasses cheap,, the body again and rapidly shivers,
louis vuitton outlet store, at the hero of Gu offend into his nearby of,, and then change 2 divide time, only, this expect the view that tower Er changes of divide time to have no with his essence of differentiation, connect they take of weapon, also all whole is a Xuan black of cut a yataghan.
The Gu hero's blood-red color lance uploads the strong energy of and tore to pieces Ba Ta Er to cut the working properly of that yataghan flicks the dint flow, right away will offend Ba Ta Er nearby of, suddenly discover two hugely cut a yataghan to soar to the skies to cut bottom, completely sealed his to go to road.
The sword knife collides with each other,, the dint of the huge anti- earthquake pours the Gu what hero shook to fly to go out.However,, the working properly of the blood-red color lance in the Gu hero's hand dint energy, tore to pieces an among those Ba Ta Er just changed looking exactly alike with essence of Huan of divide time.That divided time to send out an a light smoke of sad and shrillly bellow, changing into and had been already disappeared,
oakley sport sunglasses.
Although lost 1 to divide time, letting to expect working properly of tower Er the dint was some small wounds, but, he but success of block next the Gu hero's aggression, for moreover two he at the beginning changes the Huan come out of dividing time and attackstoning Gu the hero provided enough time.
Just when the Gu hero revolved, the blood-red color lance wrote freely but of strong the energy working properly dint flows, at the beginning changed Ba Ta Er to 2 of Huan divide time lead long make.At expect tower Er to use a lately change
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