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lancel occasion the station is silent in one side then not language
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TOPIC: lancel occasion the station is silent in one side then not language

lancel occasion the station is silent in one side then not language 11 months, 1 week ago #98660

  • qmjde2eqv67
.Consequently just can control wild wolf leader."
Just for see a purple soul pack but excitement not already of Clark and pull Er Si, smell listen to Pa Si speech hereby, immediately present stagnant status, the Clark is silly to silly ask:"Say so, did you early have a purple soul to pack?And does the still special soul pack?"
See the Pa Si characteristics head acknowledgement, pull Er Si immediately surprised shout, "the absolute being of dream, too unfair, the luck of this guy also too like, unexpectedly have purple of the special soul packs in the body.Don't go, you must make up the weak mind that we are again subjected to your stroke, the soul this time packs, and we want to pick first."
The Pa Si knows to pull especially the Er Si is playing trick, also smiling to nod approval, pour is Luo's uncle especially, the station is silent in one side then not language, Pa Si especially think that the Luo uncle is especially still livinging his/her own spirit because of the affair that oneself didn't tell him that the purple and special soul packs, quickly walk to the Luo uncle especially nearby, toward a Luo uncle to say especially:
"Execuse me, my knowing don't tell you that this matter is me not to, after returning to, how to punish me to go.Leave this wild wolf valley first, return to hand over a task."
If Luo uncle especially hear Pa Si especially and raise a head and towarded Pa Si to say especially very seriously:"Pa Si especially, I discover has one on your body one very great problem, don't know that you noticed has no."
Hear a Luo uncle say like this especially, the Pa Si is especially very surprised, quickly ask a way:"What problem, Luo uncle especially though you say, I will definitely make an effort correctional."
The Luo uncle says especially:"I don't know that what you were subjected to to influence and seem to be really to like to conceal oneself's real strenght.I want to tell you 1:00, low-key, at dream of mainland top is go impassability.You at harm afraid of?Does fearing these things to expose someone have to rob your thing or do with malice to you?You have to know, these souls pack the another soul body evens if killed us,BE not likely to get until we dismantle by ourselves.Particularly is your special soul to pack, oneself can not also dismantle.And, in dreaming of a mainland, have strict combat to limit.You only the real strenght is enough, frightened does someone beat your idea?Here, can not make a surprise attack, can not lean on strong Ling Ruo, are you still afraid of?Even if come to one compare you grade Gao 10% soul bodies, you beat however he, but unless you got into his privately owned space scope, he such as
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