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cheap lancel the heart method grade promotes also very quick.But here noodles
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TOPIC: cheap lancel the heart method grade promotes also very quick.But here noodles

cheap lancel the heart method grade promotes also very quick.But here noodles 11 months, 1 week ago #98629

  • hees6sexr47
Need not Huang Yan walked by themselves, so at the moment in addition to operate skateboard of aery with the breeze, the others are all very carefree.
"Do not go, evil ways.Now we the funds of two households, all want to accumulate Zan and get up and give you the wing of devil and promote into class household first first.Your household member's amounts have already arrived an upper limit.Get stripe class household also Be getting more urgent.Our current funds already Zan of about, estimate to wait until beginning of next year, your household can also promote to class household.After waiting that, we consider these affairs again."The wing of devil also had a household base, so the member of the wing of devil counts a growth of also very quick.The upper limit of 10,000 people of class household, the wing of devil early has been already arrived.
"Okay, listen to yours.Ah, before I also think, 3 class cities can brush out so many soul stones every day, hereafter affirm enough money.But have never thought, earn quickly and spend also quickly.I accumulated Zan so long money, bought a Pei dollar Dan and protect vein Dan, spend about and completely.But don't buy, also really don't go."
"Yes, after all promoting a heart method the grade is count for much.If need not Pei dollar the words of the Dan, the self-discipline of heart method was too slow."Several times in this year inside, Huang Yan makes use of a Dou skill field the soul stone for earning bought many Dans.Under help of so many Dans, yellow burning of the grade of rare heart method, have already hurtled to cave level.Still almost, can attain blade class, the the hole son that perplexed a lot of cave soul bodies.And other household members, the heart method grade promotes also very quick.But here noodles, the main achievement still lies in yellow burning do Ning the method contribution of heart method energy come out.There is a little bit greatly contributive member inside the household, can learn to this method.The heart method grade Gao after, it is easy to do and then become opposite the Ning of heart method energy many.Therefore, even if have no very high read dint, household member mostly learn, also ability the Ning does a heart method energy.But minority of members, even come to a two similar to Huang Yan Nings to do.
Certainly, Huang Yan also not is have been marking time at first.Huang Yan feels to get, as long as the heart method can promote to blade class, that oneself very may ability heart method the third-time Ning does.And, connect a circulating week number, can probably promote as well till sky of 99 greatest weeks
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