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TOPIC: the battalion of orchid new section empire lines up tidy of square brigade

http://lancelhandbagsforsale.w​ the battalion of orchid new section empire lines up tidy of square brigade 11 months ago #97746

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The gray Dou spirit of Yu,, make a show of they most bad is also the real strenght of the x-rated warrior, and the black Dou occasionally raising annoys and also expresses the superior's existence. However because the information delivers of ineffective, these shadows only know to wash there is urgent military situation in ear town, hence close a toll-gate, don't know what the inside exactly took place, So they tightly think these 5 people are spies, have no idea to expect to still have two deicides in the behind, the shadow of the gist wants to pay for it naturally and just rounds Long to become a ring of encirclement and prepares to play the time of five eagles at them, Pierre Zhuo already from the sky but decline! Protect a divine arrival, make naturally five eagles immediately breath a sigh of relief, they know naturally, at present these people only depend on persons much certainly many,
new era caps online shop, how can they are the opponent that the week faces Yu again? Roar and shout to arrive at to fight publically above, Pierre Zhuo just on making moves, cut two four class warriors to fall a sword bottom, roll the skull falling to start fearing many shadows, can second kill four class warriors of, will be the strong of that grade? Together and together withdraw behind, the shadow of surplus stands at toghter, frightened of hope to rush through of the fatty, although could not see the other party noodles to permit, but face Pierre Zhuo to gleam the white Dou annoys of lance, they have already lost will to fight. "Soon fight soon definitely!They have already rushed through to come!"The week faces the body of Yu Shan to appear, an ice fastens sorcery from the sky but declines and becomes several hundred ice arrows sting to fall and in a twinkling bellows a Fen Ta to ring out, pain Che cloudy regions. An attack, kill an enemy almost and all, was all full of in five eagle eyeses unimaginable, this is the first time they saw the week face Yu to make moves to kill an enemy, the means of strong and shocking profoundly Lao at their heart in. "Or you are severe, " Pierre Zhuo ha ha on smiling, "I can killing of a per,
handbag louis vuitton!" Is two to annoy to send out and submerge two shadow bodies that the positive desire escapes from its as the Dou of sword, even huming to all have no to in time hum is a , 2 people roll to fall one side. Distance's shouting to kill a voice has been already approached, 7 people at didn't hesitate, also have no again separate, start Duo road running about wildly. When behind the night have no a great deal of person's horse of shadow to appear in the rear of the mountain, 7 people have already arrived the frontier of orchid new section empire. Once turned over the small low hill of a haze, the week faced Yu to collect however surprised Cha,, the torch of at present orderliness has been already set alight and is red the that the sky shine on, the battalion of orchid new section empire lines up tidy of square brigade, not descend 3,
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