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lancel handbags official website The dry skeleton leader then and namely bows to say
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TOPIC: lancel handbags official website The dry skeleton leader then and namely bows to say

lancel handbags official website The dry skeleton leader then and namely bows to say 11 months ago #96920

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These two jet of gas interests, the Ning became black and white two colors and formed oddness too very pattern.
"What is this ?"Long Yan asks a way, he naturally doesn't know the existence is this kind of thing in the world, while that dry skeleton stood,, will too smallest the ball put a dragon to blaze of in the hand, say:"The soul contract that is me prints, is only we this kind of visits the soul dry skeleton just owns of thing, if the benefactor gobbled up him, then can in a twinkling annihilate my soul, then need not be worried that we will have bad intention to you …"
Long Yan once connects too smallest ball, knew he talks not and falsely, short cut:"If I seize by a sudden urge and would be without cause of killed you, again be how?"
The dry skeleton leader then and namely bows to say:"Benefactor today if don't save us, we will be also gobbled up by that ghost to strengthen his real strenght.So if the benefactor gives our three drops of blood,
lancel handbags official website, on the contrary can make us find back ever the dignity of soldier's, was like these devils to revenge, with even if is next a moment died, is also had no the slightest complaint."
Long Yan orders and at that moment and then don't hestitate of gobbled up this dry skeleton leader too very soul ability small ball, and then, other ten several dry skeletons, also passed in succession their small ball, Long Yan also gobbles up one by one and immediately and then feels in the soul origin, many ten weak of the contract print sort existence, imitate the soul of Buddha and these dry skeletons and produced in fine threads contact.
Suddenly, once Long Yan's mind move,
lancel bags 2012, that dry skeleton leader knelt to pour in the ground while ascending, continuously of flounder, good pain and sufferings not already, and that prosperous double of eyes You the fire is also gradual weak come down, several desire put out,,
lancel mens.
"Originally you didn't fool me!"Long Yan sneers at a , then loosenned a hand, and that dry skeleton leader, also comfortable one breath, then re- stood.
Immediately, Long Yan then doesn't hestitate of gave them those three drops of bloods, and these dry skeletons, it is to don't rob to also pour, unexpectedly is get of average divided those three drops of bloods, later on, after approximately a hour,, that leader dry skeleton became You red, besides which,,
lancel mini flirt, , resumed while was living a beginning to work properly the x-rated real strenght of state,
loui vuitton bag, 12 other dry skeletons, also all became blood-red, resumed a beginning to work properly state first-degree real strenght.
At the moment, that like the magma of purgatory, again separately a blind side, ascend from climbed the several tens dry skeleton was among them.
They also have a leader among them,, the skeleton is radiant and extremely keen, seem to be while was living is a superior, but at present, but also can beg like a dog and lie prone to the dragon blaze of under the body, the imprecation is a few bloods,
lv purses cheap.
Though did Long Yan move, but help dry skeleton here
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