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Lancel store run out the whole methods."More the flower Ze reads low this how many
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TOPIC: Lancel store run out the whole methods."More the flower Ze reads low this how many

Lancel store run out the whole methods."More the flower Ze reads low this how many 11 months, 4 weeks ago #8935

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Way:"Big uncle,, you be eager to do well in everything!You quickly teach me method definitely."
Fixed a hero to order to nod, signaled hint him to attach an ear to come over, then very and very careful say to him:"This basketball highest method definitely be:Run out the whole methods to jilt to open defending of opponent under the sistuation that don't foul."
Suddenly sinking into one is silent, fix a hero to loudly appeal to the public one breath, seem to achieve wisdom Gao Ren finally someone to carry on sort of such as negative release heavy, but flower more Ze return one face expectation the ground hope him.
After a short moment, flower more the Ze finally cannot help but asking a way:"Big uncle,, say quickly highest method definitely."
"Finished saying,
Lancel store!"
"What?Finish saying, this what complete nonsense highest method definitely, who don't know to jilt to open opponent of defend."
Fix a hero on smiling, way:"Among this of real essential point you haven't appreciated, be want under the premise done not foul, run out the whole methods, the whole methods, understand,
Throwback nfl jerseys?"
Fix a hero mysteriously toward the flower more the Ze smiled for a while and smiled he a head of fog water, lower the head is lost in thought.
"Run out the whole methods, run out the whole methods."More the flower Ze reads low this how many,, suddenly have to realize suddenly, shout loudly a way, " you are to say to can use any method, want ~only not to foul and then go BE?Be like that Chuan south so?"
Fix a hero satisfaction location nod,
Buy Lancel Bags, cachinnation way:"Indeed as expected is build it just, the shameless goes to a pole, the shameless goes to pole!"
Chapter 16 is killed him with the look in the eyes
Next day early in the morning, the member of team of the Cao Yang basketball brigade wear unified sportswear and ascend big Ba to go to a Jin dollar and started their basket Wang Bei advertise for a distance.
Once the car arrive a Jin dollar and then see the color flag flaunt, the crowd of people flow out, what to carry is noisy uncommon, see to Jin dollar for the sake of this China south the game of the match area is to take a lot of trouble.
Luo fixs to get the member of team just for a while car, a be covered with is red to take of the Jing girl then faces to come up and smiled the tunnel of Ying Ying voice:"Jin dollar the senior high school welcome you of arrival, you is which pay to take part in a game a troops?"
"We are a Cao Yang of, I am a main big forward Chiu Lin Jie."Chiu Lin Jie doesn't know where fled out, the double eye emitted green light,, the corner of mouth hangs to admire La son, the uneasy ground look in the eyes has been facing guest little girl over there body up take aim to come over and take aim pass by.
Luo grooms eyebrow head a wrinkly, just had to be in an access of fury,, but saw Han Bin and ran out from the troops, pushed to open Chiu Lin Jie to stand to before the body, that Jing girl said with smile:"I am Han Bin, the Cao Yang basketball brigade main force controled Wei."Say the unexpectedly thick Yan shamelessly stretches out to go to, the desire and that Jing girl shake hands.
That Jing girl is frightenned by 2 people Zheng at first,, as a host, become angry again not that suitable,
Authentic Lancel, connect irksome air just also can be one Shan on the face namely die, the corner of mouth is strong to support smiling face,
2013 Super bowl nfl jerseys, way:"welcome, joys
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