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new era 59fifty spread a sanctity"surge of life strength. "This BE
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TOPIC: new era 59fifty spread a sanctity"surge of life strength. "This BE

new era 59fifty spread a sanctity"surge of life strength. "This BE 11 months, 3 weeks ago #8555

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Inside,, is think with that the essence directly resists 11 beginning of a reigns of falling through and robbing thunder!"Huang Liang Lian s è a change. Other persons are also such. In fact"also not is strange public such,
new era 59fifty, because of, Huang Long essence now although being arrogant,want to resist 11 Nius by essence is fierce of falling through and robbing thunder or have some danger. But at this time, suddenly Huang Long's body a way verdant ray of light suddenly and violently however project, immediately after in Huang Long Ti's form"formed war AN of pale green s è. This war A,, the natural Hun becomes, the top mysterious sign text fights A faintly discernable on,
cheap 59fifty hat, spread a sanctity"surge of life strength. "This BE?!"Is public to see a form, surprised shout. That's right, this war AN is exactly war A that the tree of world forms! Or say to is tree branch and root of the tree of world's war AN in the form formation of Huang Long Ti! "The tree of world after gobbling up the tree fragment of so many worlds, the creation transmutes" Huang Long ties together with its mind this time, many in the brain a set of achievement method. This achievement method is A Jue in a sky! A Jue operation in sky can change into tree tree branch and root of world absolute being A to attach at Huang Long Ti's form and make Huang Long's defense and attack stronger! "Break for me!"The tree tree branch of the world and sky AN of the root formation attach a body, Huang Long feels that oneself's strength again doubles, on drinking,, suddenly the one punch bombs to that falls through to rob thunder. Sees a yellow dragon this one punch under, the whole space are all of one earthquake, imitate Buddha worlds be all bombed by it want to collapse generally, the verdant ray of light suddenly and violently shoots, a terrible strength current of air such as the big current Be similar to suddenly and violently open,
cheap hats. Bomb Long,!Bomb Long! At Huang Yi, under the Ao gram shocked look in the eyes to etc. person,, that robbing of terror thunder at Huang Long's this one punch under, then was bombed to spread to open, rob the thunder,such as female in the sky, opens hua similar suddenly and violently spread out. When rob thunderstorm to spread, Huang Long Fang's Buddha is a to hugely gobble up an abyss, that robs thunder strength to all gather to come over toward Huang Long Hui, continuously drive Huang Long Xi Na. These As in the skies that rob the thunder strength process Huang Long Ti's form, AN auto in sky filter,, convert into the most pure strength,
discount new era, then just flow to turn each corner of Huang Long's body, AN in the sky is tree tree branch and roots of the world formation, has the net that the root in past forms naturally similar, will rob thunder strength conversion is the function of the most pure strength. Huang Long responds to rob the pure strength of thunder strength conversion flows to turn inside the 〗 at the oneself 〖 body, the essence starts transmuting, in the heart not from exultation. The tree of this world is indeed as expected a baby! At this time, the second bo breaks to clip to rob thunder to again bomb bottom. Huang Long Fei's body but rise, whole body strength
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