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TOPIC: "You hereafter come to take car here

http://raybaneyeglasses.webs.c​om/ "You hereafter come to take car here 11 months, 1 week ago #85493

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Sky?Which do we buy a good ticket now to have a way?"The Su jade Juan helplessly asks.
"H'm, want ~only you here,,, that I hereafter also come again!"Liu Tao is calm of answer.
"You hereafter come to take car here, don't be to take airplane don't money?"Su jade Juan smile's saying.
"Good!I also have this kind of viewpoint and hear to sit for nearly 40 hours!"Liu Tao says.
"Ha ha!You have never taken long distance car, completely can try!"The Su jade Juan plays trick of suggestion.
"Su jade Juan, you don't think that I can't take bus !"What Liu Tao smiled says.
"Ha ha!I believe that you will take bus , so always can, you sometimes does take bus ?" The Su jade Juan hurriedly smiles of ask.
"H'm, so about."Liu Tao answers.
The Su jade Juan no longer talks and runs about slowly and forward, Liu Tao Gen at Su jade Juan the left side.
Su the jade Juan and Liu Tao loiter about an one or two hour and walk to two legs aching, but don't buy any thing.Su jade Juan the in the mind is just thinking:I tomorrow morning walk, the office goes together with a goods member to say these goods to send to store, I have to return to hand over to the jade the payment now red,
louis vuitton factory outlet, and hand over to need other affairs!
Su Yu Juan thinks stunnedly, the cellular phone call voice is rung out.The Su jade Juan takes out a cellular phone to take a look, what call shows is glorious telephone number in uncle's house.Su Yu Juan knows to is father or mother to beat to call words, hence hanged a telephone, called back again to pass by.Zhu Ying answers a telephone to ask:"Jade Juan?Are you a jade Juan?"
"Mama, I am a jade Juan!"Su Yu Juan answers discovering Liu Tao facial expression surprise,
"Jade Juan, you and has the boyfriend been friendly?"What Zhu Ying concerned asks.
"Mama, the jade is red is be not again blather what rubbish?"The Su jade Juan counter-questions,
wholesale louis vuitton.
"Do you answer me, exactly isn't and yes?"Zhu Ying tightly cross-examines,
lancel handbags ebay.
"We are really friendly, how?"Su the jade Juan counter-questioning of equanimity.
"Have no how, this is the good matter!"Zhu Ying is again happy and then concussion of answer.
"Mama, is the jade red to exactly say what?"The Su jade Juan cross-examines.
"Jade Juan, you listen to me saying and being soall perns so and quarreling noisily very as usual.You can not say again to divide to the somebody else
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