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ray ban 3293 "This you are getting wronger
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TOPIC: ray ban 3293 "This you are getting wronger

ray ban 3293 "This you are getting wronger 11 months, 1 week ago #85473

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 "Certainly is have regard for however come!"Liu Xia Hui immediately to the way of Liang Zhan, " however whether uncle Liang once thinks, let everything that your madam wife Liang takes up Zhan for sky,,
ray ban 3293!"
"She?"The Liang Zhan smells speech ponder a long time after, this just shook to shake head, " doesn't go, don't go, she does a board of directors chairman of school still more than enough,
oakley sunglass men,, but the management is a so big group, I afraid she isn't competent for!"
"This you are getting wronger!Probably"Liu Xia Hui immediately to the way of Liang Zhan,, " wife Liang is unequal to, but wife Liang has the biggest advantage and is good enough to prop up her to have a foothold in the Zhan group in the sky!"
"What advantage?"The Liang Zhan looking at Liu Xia Hui and thinks a long time with surprised look, didn't also think what advantage Zhao Dan Feng exactly has.
At this time but listen to Liu Xia Hui immediately to the way of Liang Zhan, "that is uncle Liang!"
oakley sunglasses sale?"Once the complexion of Liang Zhan move ground to looking at Liu Xia Hui, a long time has never understood to come over.
Liu Xia Hui immediately again way, "uncle Liang although you want to retire, your body really disallows the president whom you did a group again,do not influence the teacher whom you do a new president!"
"Teacher?"Liang Zhan ponders a long time after, this just suddenly realize way,, " so that's why, so that's why!I how don't thought of this,"
"Would the words like this, uncle Liang, like to invest 《river lake famous doctor 》 magazine,
cheap oakley sunglasses online?"Liu Xia Hui immediately multiplies by a hot dozen iron ground to the way of Liang Zhan.
"You said so that you feel that I still have what reason brush-off,
lancel adjani bag?"The Liang Zhan smiled to stretch out a hand toward Liu Xia Hui, and the handshake way of Liu Xia Hui, " settled so!This sponsored me to do to settle!"
Liu Xia Hui immediately fists the hand of Liang Zhan, "a few lords of the magazine agency of my representative create, many thanks uncle Liang!"
Chapter 290 confrontation of evidence at court or court outside reach agreement
After three days, Liu Xia Hui etc. received the Liang Zhan is stired with the Zhan group in the sky of a batch of funds, immediately make a phone call to tell Charlotte and inhospitality, the funds of《river lake famous doctor 》 magazine have been already solved of time, the inhospitality makes Liu Xia Hui go to a law firm that the beam flaps a method in the telephone,
ray ban cheap online.
Liu Xia Hui didn't also ask inhospitality exactly what matter, can make oneself flap the law firm of method to the beam, affirmation is the affair that applies for a jail with his father, Liu Long Tian, Be getting more relevant, so Liu Xia Hui immediately goes beam and flaps a method law firm.
On arriving beam to flap a method law firm, Liu Xia Hui
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