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lancel usine "Our influence doesn't accept a person
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TOPIC: lancel usine "Our influence doesn't accept a person

lancel usine "Our influence doesn't accept a person 11 months, 1 week ago #85324

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Kiss a scar noodles expressionless way:"White Ma Cheng, one of the southern gates of evil country"
"Hey Hey, you are finally willing to talk!"Smile medium kiss a scar beautiful eyes a curved dynasty unknown say with smile.
"Can you stop following me,
lancel usine?"Is unknown to see don't see smile medium to kiss the way of scar as well:"Our influence doesn't accept a person, you went to white and also go"
"Do you talk to count?You repeatedly say to follow you, this is you fix of?We are glad how walk how walk!Is glad to walk where walk where, ,, , "
"Depend, I am finally understand why Sun Wukong must a club knock to kill Tang Seng!Originally the fly is really so terrible!"Is unknown no longer take a reason to smile medium kiss a scar, this all the way smile medium kiss the scar Xu Xu Dao tailgating of Dao but go to, make an unknown twos are big!
'Sou, Sou and Sou'three continuous feather arrowses break an empty voice,
ray ban wayfarer size chart, three feather arrowses successively shoot on the ground to line up a 'a'the matrix is horizontal at the unknown war horse before, "stop!Again forward the one step call you ten thousand arrowses wear heart!"A female of city head toward arriving at the brigade knight of city outside to roar a way, sees that female packing silver to vegetable to bind bright silver AN of whole body to send forth soft white ray of light!Is unknown mouth a say with smile:"Quick gentleman puts me to go into the city!"What to appeal to is exactly a little Feng pair on the city quick gentleman, the bond maid knits the brows to ask a way after recognizing one is unknown:"But behind those gold person is come dry what?"
"Have been already seen?We NPC in the city not you are welcome"unknown side head toward smiling in kiss a scar to say with smile:"You still keep hurriedly leaving, otherwise a short while they start a hand to can not help you, either to me!"Finish saying an unknown facial expression that you do as you like stares at to smile medium kiss a scar of way,
ray bans for cheap, this time that named small tears of female player openings way:"Elder sister, we leave here first, can not also escape from gold political power now, otherwise richest person's emperor will find out us in the reality right away, we still wait after leaving SH City again escape from gold political power better!Otherwise richest person's emperor unavoidably will be disadvantageous to everyone."
After a short moment, smile medium kissed a scar to deeply absorb tone to order to nod, adjusted to turn Ma Tou Jiao to drink 1:"Walk" a line of player that kiss scar household later on to beat a horse to leave.The person who kisses scar household leaves a quick gentleman behind immediately in person the city faced out, the bond maid pretty will talk and is to miss national peace or chaos and is an apology, unknown certainly can't blame her to still consumedly praise a prize to the quick gentleman some kind of,
lentes ray ban, public go into the city later on!The city gate again closes. <br
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