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TOPIC: this result also brings not small earthquake Zhe to many players function

http://raybanaviatortitaniumsa​ this result also brings not small earthquake Zhe to many players function 11 months, 1 week ago #85319

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Thief's direction hopes to go, several players laid siege to that mountain thief to wink to put to pour him.
Have never imagined medium so difficulty, so easy of beat to deliver the mountain thief's raid, but the store of street both sides still store door closed tightly don't the slightest open of meaning!Might it not be...?
Is proper me to think and suddenly spread a sneer:"Hum!On helping a discard, incredibly drive these things that don't grow an eye to beat to deliver, saw to me not to make moves is don't go!"Look for reputation to go to, sees one facial expression ferocious big fellow anti-'s wearing a to sign long-handled sword direction is at the village,,captcha/!A penny rice grows on the face of the big wound Ba is inclined clear is writing on the bridge:I am very bad,!
That big fellow corner of mouth is tiny to take to peep out a yellowish brown tooth to smile to smile, the long-handled sword slowly rowed air from his shoulder him to slowly walk to come over,
sac lancel 1er flirt.
"My CAO!Mountain big king,
cheap mens oakley sunglasses!Is BOSS"a player excitement of huge iron ax hurtled up,
ray ban sunglasses for women.
The that knife Ba face vomited saliva to say:"Hum!Still don't match to see my house's big king with you"say long-handled sword a dynasty that player splits bottom!'Ka Ca'a frailty ring owners all surprised Be getting more foolish, knife Ba the long-handled sword of the face chops down after cutting in half the ax son of that player at the body of that player up!The player in"oh, MA strength really big" is strong to endure a pain to turn around and then run, very lucky of he didn't die and knife Ba face also didn't make track for him.
Although a shot cuts in half the ax son of player to belong to a special effect isn't the weapon that really destroyed a player, this result also brings not small earthquake Zhe to many players function!The momentary nobody dares to come forward a challenge again.
"Feed!You try him, seeing your weapon will emit only, should be able to kill he!"I lately- saved player the small voice say to me.
"I also have no confidence!"Depend!Letting me going up to beat is first time, do I just have no so silly X!
"Feed,, this is BOSS of random system task, everyone killed him to have no together quasi- can drop a heap of material, we now the grade is greatly so low, hanged not again do back, have a person up?"A player yells, along with his appeal that many players responded to his to appeal to immediately rush at a knife Ba face together.
This game is still really enough true!If person not and desperately the ghost absolute being is all surprised, the many players not afraid dead rounded up to also a little bit have the last breeze, can see from the reflection of knife Ba face he not is not afraid die that type of, many players lay siege to him
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