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TOPIC: also finally understand the person of proper way why fear so him

http://raybanwayfareropticalba​ also finally understand the person of proper way why fear so him 11 months, 1 week ago #85245

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Hole.Is also good like this,, in case see this enjoying success of narrow-minded mean person, show off in front of us force to spread fame!"
Gao Xiao Feng this just understands to seamlessly use official power to settle a score, the heart saves one-sided, public indignation have already secretly aroused to teach medium rest several vein pupilses, has to speak clearly.He looking at month dish and keeping of ground long grass sword of holes crest and fluently asks a way to the clock:"Break the dish in month and keep forbiding of long grass sword to make, can open Gu is the slab of stone of hole for month?"
The clock fluently answers a way:"Month dish and keep long grass sword is open Gu the key to hole is for month!But want to break the dish in month and keep forbiding of long grass sword to make,, not easy!"
Gao Xiao Feng but very confident, he believes that his own cold smoke sword is good enough to break their forbid to make, once he carry true spirit, the cold smoke sword prosperous long grass soars, as if the morning sun is in the hand, go toward put to keep once the slab of stone of long grass sword chop down,, together cold light one Shan, as if lightning flash horizontal Lue, relentless of sword spirit touch forbid to make, keep long grass sword to immediately shine the diaphragm in a blue, lightning intertexture, the call is irritating to the ear.Hole crest month the dish ray of light is big bright, the energy constantly and continuously spreads in keeping forbiding of long grass sword and making, the sword spirit of cold smoke sword with keep forbiding of long grass sword to make to boycott each other, light such as Chi day, strong breeze your work!
The "Mao Ca" that fiercely hears a burst of ground crack irritating to the ear voice rings out!The current of air bumps shot hole wall everywhere, fierce if Long Hu roars.Cold smoke sword relentless of the sword spirit have already worn forbiding of blue diaphragm to make,
mens ray bans, the shot is in keeping long grass sword, and then send out"bang!"The ground is a ,, sword spirit surging, keep the month dish of long grass sword and hole crest to explode smash, the Ping ping-pong Pang voice ring Sa a ground of ground jade break iron,
ray ban 3342.
Breeze interest light have no, once Gao Xiao Feng's hand turn over cold smoke sword and turn to make a burst of cold smoke income inside the body.The clock is agreeable, cow water etc. person to see dumbstruck,
lancel miss lancel!They just truely experience Gao Xiao Feng's skill today, compare of on that day Long Jian Feng see be really can not in the same day and speech, also finally understand the person of proper way why fear so him?
Gao Xiao Feng is as agreeable as clock, cow water etc. person to walk to kept long grass sword to put at first of slab of stone before, but saw only a small and cutty blind side there.The clock follows wrinkly the eyebrow is to Gao Xiao Feng's way:"Gao Shi Di, this slab of stone has several rices thick, several ten thousand catties of heavy, but this ……this blind side only haven't arrive one Li rice breadth, two Li rice long,, perhaps hard open it!"
Gao Xiao Feng says:"Still keep making me try and see first?If the dozen doesn't open and comes to think an another way again."Say,, he double the Zhang makes to open, the strong breeze greatly rises, true spirit greatly hair, lightning intertexture, Long Xiao suddenly rises,
ray ban wayfarer tortoise, Kowloon roars and shouts but, in a flash, on the slab of stone small and matchless blind side, being drilled by fierce polar region in Kowloon to open one the inch is another inch, in the quack voice, thick have several slab of stones of rices from medium slowly separate, the voice rant of Long Yin Sheng,
oakley sunglasses sale cheap, Kowloon seethes and makes clock agreeable, cow water etc. person to see dumbstruck, a
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