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At of place.
"Really don't know that comfortable cloud exactly is what evil plot?How can and suddenly become a big snake?"The Du son Teng regrets way.Liked an as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade big beauty to incredibly become a big boa that became Jing, this who speak big sky of go, can believe?
"Yes!You think:How so coincidentally, that Feng Chai was the hand of Hou Ye in?"The cloud green vision once sweeps from the public body, letting people feeling musted become a bamboo at the chest, would ask question like this?
"Like, I say wood, you don't hold in suspense!"The Du son Teng hopes cloud green, raise hands to surrender.Your cleverness, you are clever and resourceful, add than three Zhuge liangs still ability to divine the unknown, go?You don't want to torment us again these weak of heart!
Cloud is green to nod a way:"Is all right!I think that certainly I am also a guess!"
"Your prepare feeling always all very quasi-!I believe!We all believe!"The Du son Teng hopes toward him.
"The fly the Feng jade hairpin is a Mu palace of the person give!"Cloud is green to hope toward everyone of some stunned double of eyes,, continue way:"But the person of that Mu palace definitely guess to get, the Hou Ye will send that jade hairpin to five Jiao Qie comfortable cloud."
"That is uncertain,!"The Du son Teng is partial to and cloud Be green to take issue, the Pie Pie mouth way."That jade hairpin is so beautiful, should belong to curio,'t that Hou Ye send it to his doctor person, how can the Du settle,, this Feng Chai definitely returns comfortable cloud all,
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"May also give doctor person?However, your thinking that Hou Ye will send this gift to a person old bead already yellow doctor person?"Peep out to make fun of a lightly smiling of the sort on the cloud green noodles.
Du son Teng the uneasiness of one face, chicanery way:"That may also send to the another madam and have who also stipulate that the Hou Ye must send to comfortable cloud,
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"That pours is need not, however I think with comfortable cloud ground appearance, there is also her whole body incomparable skill, if send a person to the side,, I miss she will definitely rob others by trickery back as well by herself!However,
2013 Super bowl nfl jerseys, I miss everyone after once seeing the shape of each madam and the Jiao Qie,, should still compare the taste of believing the Hou Ye!Probably the Hou Ye doesn't hope as well the bright pearl is dark to throw!Is much less, for the whole body technical skill of comfortable cloud, think to the south advertises for the Hou Ye of the north war and definitely have a doubt?"
Cloud is green after finishing carrying on some kind of pleasing ways"preachment" for coming, the Du son Teng cans not helps some discouragements, but imagines, will never the ability let like this"scheme" of wood easily succeed, how can let wood easily will in the moment public brainwash?How does he also want to pull to return to one city!!!
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