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TOPIC: If listens to road contain a light tone to say" if I guess get right​w-Era-Hats.htm If listens to road contain a light tone to say" if I guess get right 11 months, 4 weeks ago #8383

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Open mouth,, the mouth inside loudly drinks the way"Long Yin Po-".
Repeatedly the white only contains to send out in mouth from the road, toward lying on the youth on the bed to send out, listens to a terrible Hao call of the voice stream into a public ear.
The together black spirit hovers around in the other party sky and slowly forms a terrible dry skeleton face, in that empty double of eyeses, flash across one silk is shining,, toward road to contain to say"what person are you ?This is what strength!".
The road contained to hum a , greatly drink a way"you are the Wu in his body to work properly."
Listens to that black spirit send out strange interjection, improbity of hurtle road to contain to roar the way"bad one step,, is bad one step I can acquire this strong body, you this kind of people, I want to kill you …".
The words didn't fall a sound, the Wu worked properly to immediately contain to hurtle along the road, the road contains to suddenly and violently drink a , war absolute being of the Kai immediately attach a body, the shining glory of silver white contains with road of the gold color shining glory mix together, formation show of ray of light.
Before"Long Yin Po- pound at" road contains to suddenly and violently drink,
Cheap NFL jerseys store, that mightiness of the white immediately become more gorgeous only, listens to'wipe' of a , that Wu's working properly is bombeimmediately d into air.
"Hum!"The road contains the Qu of relieving the assimilation, if say this in the world, have who can thus and easily deal with Wu to work properly, that this person, nothing is better than contain at the road.
If listens to road contain a light tone to say" if I guess get right, your eldest brother was all right."
The cocoa reaches to a face to unimaginablely looking at in front, this black hair youth and peeps out interrogative air in the eye, just that everything to must be too quick,
new era shop, go to also too quickly, obviously he still not too understand exactly is why.
At this time,, listens to bed ascend a burst of move to ring, lie to suddenly send out at the person of top a lightly hum, the cocoa reaches exultation and immediately hurtled up, while the others are also one running up of face surprise.
Lie at the person on the bed, eyes slowly open,,, the Mou son stares at cocoa to reach to wait a person and says with that weak voice"BE …you …saved me?".
The cocoa reaches to looking at this person talk, the concussion doesn't say already and immediately"eldest brother you are awake, you are finally awake,, with gratitude heaven, you finally wake up."Finish saying, unexpectedly wept over to get up over there.
And a many brotherses of the flank, also all cried,, the road contained to see this circumstance, toward crew member tiny tiny on smiling, silently withdrew a grass house.
"Eldest brother was satisfied with."Reach a gram ha ha on smiling, toward road to contain to say.
The road contains ha ha a , don't say what, but the heart bottom is very heavy, circumstance comes from that and probably become Wu to work properly of, the not only Ma shell adds one person, the Ma shell adds dying
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