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8 hours, without results wasted class for doing of two hourses for time.
"Xin rain, how haven't you go yet to do class?"
Xin rain is very sweet a smile:"Wait you, just did a poached egg for you, came over to taste at once,!"
My Leng Leng, this guy change sex?When become so diligence …
Quickly brush teeth to wash face, indeed as expected put a poached egg on the dining table, although some places Be getting burnter,do not influence a whole taste.
"How, delicious?"Xin rain Zheng your book eyes see me, the expectation of the one face.
"Is not bad, have much of prospect!"I nowise skin a flint the Ci of praise.
"Ha ha,, that good,, I played games and remembered to contact me!"
Looking at a beautiful figure of Xin rain Qian to come out room, I said the sentence Be"uncanny" to enter a game after.
Appear at under the foot of a hill of the half side mountain, not several 18 classes of distance of only the claw werewolf just and back and forth go back and forth, at my is after death a monster person shaman Ni the thou pull to watch of gold needle grass, however seeming by my current real strenght can not also challenge this grade at least 20 above quasi- bosses, his grade even my superiors of this 15 classes can not see!
Contacted to allow Lin and Xin rain for a while, they were all on-line, invited like after the eastern door of hurricane city met, I used 10 silver coins a time city spoolers.
Arrive at to defend a store first,,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap,, forge teacher to fix Si just at engaged,, I took out that 20 pieces of sparse copper mine stones right away and fixed Si excrescent concussion's saying:"Be really too like, there are these raw materials, this time we can definitely epidemic dissemination all exterminated,, be really thanked you too much, young man!This is the guerdon for you!"
The system hints:You completed the harassment of task forging teacher and acquired experience 50050, the gold coin is 2, reputation+150, get the product miner's spade, academic association technical ability:Dig a mineral,
cheap hats!
Boon?The miner's inauguration task, this time be regarded as be forced to become a little miner!
After leaving to defend a store, directly headed for the eastern door of hurricane city, from a distance saw Xu Lin and Xin rain just over there, they were two probably also very self-confident, the facial appearance didn't adjust at 1:00, Xin rain conjecturesed me cautiously some kind of empresses unexpectedly cajolery's saying:"Yi?We of wood any how without some men's flavors,
Want to buy cheap NFL jerseys?"
I am lazy to manage this female rascal, directly traded the material to her:
【Wolf tail long bow 】 (the green equip)
Physical strength:+6
Is nimble:+4
Need grade:10
Xin rain rudely receives the thing,, then smiling face Ying Ying of fix a material to go.

Chapter 23 is infinite to invoke to flow[this chapter word number:2163 latest renewal time:2007-11-2
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