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TOPIC: but they fight of opponent​era-caps-online.html but they fight of opponent 11 months, 3 weeks ago #7885

  • anmbavas3rq
Enough see be violently fighting in many Wu Zhe, but they fight of opponent, the evil monster of then an aquamarine blue color.
Scrutinize under, Qin Feng waited a person to immediately get a fright,, the body figure of this evil monster didn't calculate too greatly and livinged four hoofs, the head is like a group leader, two antler crests sign, the tail is like oxtail, the whole body is full with the scales and shell of aquamarine blue color!Height two meters are or so, the length is three meters.This being clear is water Qi Lin, and hasn't completely grown up,!
"Roar!"A roars spreads, earthquake Zhe the whole Iceland, that deafening voice wave Huan is spread out, surroundings those are martial all hereafter and urgently back, even among them severals be shaken facial expression a burst of pallor,, almost fall down!
At this time, fought to temporarily stop down, because they all discovered to be different from a person to arrive at this Iceland and immediately saw the vision past.
"Is them ……" this sees under, Qin Feng waits a person immediately a surprised, here noodles' incredibly having all of quite a fews is what they know each others!Even, an among those are Gu swords to only seal and also have the connecting of cloud and mist Ge the Qian, cloud dragon believes in of Chen Jun, gather the seedling that the soul believes in to flap a big wave, all of a s are the god's favored sons in big Zong Men, rare genius!In addition to these four people, there are also a few Qin Feng incognizance, the clothes in an among those roots whole bodies snow white, white tunic up embroider one handle handle matchless and sharp lance, the long hair covers with at tie after death a simple of the hair tie and have a liking for vehemence uncommon!
Make a similarly white dress, the noodles permits handsome, hold the long bow of a purple color in the hand, all over send forth 1 kind relentless of breathing!Also have the Lan sword the breeze my elder brother of the Ge a younger brother moreover, however came three, respectively is a breeze is one heart,, breeze a day, breeze one sword!
These nine people's a fixs at present for all very high,, even have severals aring what heart soul expectses among them, differ most of is also a gold soul to expect behind.And, the fighting strength of these rare geniuses,
Baseball Caps, absolutely all want a more martial than other equal state's a lot of strong!
Totally nine geniuses round just that water Qi Lin, however all see vision at the moment to Qin Feng,!Have many surprised color of being all cognitive, all peeping out on the faces naturally among them!They didn't thought of that Qin Feng a group of personses how can appear here,,
discount new era hats from china, can be does the news rush through to come?
"Qin Xiong, the wing is little, dream elder sister Yu, really unexpectedly will run into everybody here, What a Qiao,!"Only the Gu sword seals to wait person to say "hello" toward Qin Feng first, was full of smiling face on the face.Even the Qian heel Qin Feng also has the good luck of several side,
59fifty fitted hats, also is to nod a smile, at last once beat to receive.Three brotherses of Lan sword Ge also nod to signal hint, at the beginning in demon tower in the town of bodhi temple, they and the relation of Qin Feng's is also still fairly good!
But gather the seedling that the soul believes in to flap a big wave, Qin Feng doesn't really acquaint with, can he with gather the gratitude and grudge of of soul religion, already
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