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TOPIC: "We first don't

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Is an outstanding high mountain, on the high mountain in plant and thick tree, the son inside in town probably has 500 families.All of those somebody elses are soils clansmen, make a living by hunting.
The arrival that allows a free and unfettered etc. person aroused many dismays, everyone closed the door to shut a door in succession.The soil clansmen doesn't like a foreign person, none of superiors of the mainland of absolute being takes soil clansmen to be a person to see, the soil clansmen is to endure distress,, so,
Authentic Lancel, they a see arrive non- soil clansmen very frightened.
The Rui breeze blocks a pedestrian that in a hurry evades and asks a way:"Do you have the place to can have a meal here?"
"Have no."The that person's facial expression is pale, look confused and agitated, quickly from moreover and simultaneously leave.
The Rui breeze still wants up to ask the way of,, but be allowed free and unfettered arrestment.
"The Rui breeze don't go, the soil clansmen is to don't welcome ours,
custom NFL Jerseys,, and let's everywhere see,
Cheap New Era Hats."
Luo's hero's way:"Soil clansmen and non- soil clansmen has too deep enemy to resent,, their of course not would like to realize us."
"Yi,!Again two superiors entered a town,was the person who follows us, they generally can't so quick!"Luo's hero is a bit surprised.
Allow a free and unfettered way:"We first don't , seeing what to come is what person."
The speed of those 2 people is the quickest, soon appear at allow free and unfettered their in front, see them nowise taboo, know they aren't only to follow 1.
Those 2 people see one free and unfettered and suddenly listenned to down, the noodles exposes the color of surprise, and one among those persons say:"Free and unfettered elder brother, you how here?"
Allow free and unfettered cautiously took a look 2 people, but always can not recall where see 2 people before taking a glance, don't even say to acquaint with.It is thus clear that the other party benignity says "hello" of appearance, obviously they acquaint with very much with they.This lets he 100 think not to get its solution.
"What person are you ?Do I know with you?"
"Free and unfettered elder brother,
cheap hats, you are incognizant we,
Nike elite NFL jerseys from china?"
"Voice some acquaint with, can I really have no impression to you,"
"Oh, you see me, I forgot us...Ha ha!"2 people touched touch a face and burst into laughter.
Chapter 5 is cold ice absolute being king
Chapter 5 is cold ice absolute being king
"Is you!"Allow a free and unfettered surprise way, " is 100 inside wood brotherses, there is also martial super brothers, you how here?"
100:"We are the clansmens that comes to call° togethe us of, and you?How did you come here?This how many brotherses is who?"
Allow free and unfettered introduced 4 Luo's heros to martial super 2 people, then made recent conditions saying 1 time all synopsis.
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