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louis vuitton handbags on sale Chen Jian incredibly carries out anti- assault
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TOPIC: louis vuitton handbags on sale Chen Jian incredibly carries out anti- assault

louis vuitton handbags on sale Chen Jian incredibly carries out anti- assault 11 months, 2 weeks ago #42471

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The saliva pulls old longly, a drop of a drop of ground slowly flows in the ground.It is slowly approaching.
This huge wolf but have wise living creature, it will evaluate the real strenght of the other party, as long as the instinct feels dangerous, it will turn round and then escape right away.
Unfortunately, Chen Jian's just a common run of people , to huge wolf, the slightest dided not feel a flavor of danger,, its have already seen Chen Jian as savory food in eyes.
Chen Jian faces thus the strong huge wolf is regardless strength, speed and attack still defendoof, Chen Jian all has no the advantage of one silk ten cents, also no wonder that the huge wolf peeped out the look in the eyes that intends to obtain to the at present find.
"Put together ……the dead die!"Chen Jian shouts at top of voice, the courage then strengthened for several cents, he even if face strong or weak to hang extremely huge wolf,, Chen Jian incredibly carries out anti- assault, led off to start aggression to the huge wolf.
Start first for strong, that is the Dian to rush toward infrangible truth and begin first in the combat, always have some cheap of, this is the advantage of first timing.
The huge wolf hasn't moved, but Chen Jian hurtled first up,, his left hand malicious malicious one Lun,
louis vuitton handbags on sale, run out whole body energy, the head of the rock facing in the hand huge wolf jilted to pass by.
The huge wolf is like to early have take precautions against, nimble body to once the left side jump,
gucci handbag on sale, easily flash across Chen Jian throws to come over of rock,
handbag gucci, although the body of huge wolf is huge, but the action is very vivid, see the speed that it evades confrontation with to see, wanted Gao De Duo, and looked the intelligence of this huge wolf than the wild wolf seen by Chen Jian also rather high.
Chen hardly tosses a stone attack to lead slight of coming the huge wolf, it dissatisfiedly roared low a , this person is really also too naive, can hurt me with a piece of rock, not say that you toss isn't medium, even if tosses win again how?Its body although it is said not in order to prevent resisted Zhao to say, but only a piece of small pebble, be still what then not its,
louis vuitton purses on sale.
Chen Jian greatly drank a , his second attack came and fiercely rushed at the in front of huge wolf, the Lun rose stick ruthlessly failed next go, his target not is the head of huge wolf, also not is the body of huge wolf up, but unexpectedly BE-the ex- leg of huge wolf.
Chen Jian ran out whole body energy, the wood rod in the hand ruthlessly knocked on the ex- leg of huge wolf.
"Pa-" ground is a , the wood rod broke,, while the huge wolf sent out a burst of and irritating to the ear Ai.
This is the brilliant place of Chen Jian's military tactics, he already plan good, lapidating just for drawing on the attention of huge wolf, truely kill to recruit but is that stick, lapidating hit medium certainly good, even if hit not medium, also scatter the attention of huge wolf,
gucci handbags outlet online,
But what hardly the second Chen attack take aim at is huge
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