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louis vuitton backpack Is lucky
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TOPIC: louis vuitton backpack Is lucky

louis vuitton backpack Is lucky 11 months, 1 week ago #41170

  • vamphnbu62
Xi three technical abilities, these three days of income all finishes spending again, in the shoulder bag only 10,000 gold coins that leave a card big uncle, but each technical ability of 30 classes unexpectedly want 10,000 gold coins, each technical ability of 40 classes unexpectedly wants 50,000 gold coins."Go crazy, the technical ability needed of the gold coin make people commit suicide."Run the card big uncle's Inn once, make change 20 class materials that the this period of time acquires,
louis vuitton backpack.Name:Lin Feng's occupation:Guard knight's grade:20 basic attributes:Strength:22, physical strength:20+2, nimble:3+1, contemplate:One natural endowments attribute:Is lucky:5 lives:390,
louis vuitton monogram vernis, sorcery:255, hungry feeling:0 attacks:240, defendoof:235, in the clout:40,, evade confrontation with:The boon of 20 plentiful fairies grants:The 100/100 prints to record a shoulder bag:50 reputation:0 natural endowments technical abilities:Is red-blooded to explode shot:Along with the growth of the grade and the ability, have a boiling passion in the attack, easily trigger to explode shot effect.Red-blooded strong shot:The grade isn't enough, the effect isn't clear,, can not display.Common technical ability:The small Hu cuts, the strong dint chops down shot, shield defense, fight a horse to sprint to lend support to technical ability:Collect Shu:Is medium, Jiang forging Shu in sky:Is medium, the rest entry-level technical ability of temple of the gods.Lend support to an occupation:Medium class forging teacher, entry-level chain apothecary, entry-level tailor, the entry-level cooks teacher,, the entry-level constructs teacher mercenary soldier regiment:Have no gang:Have no pet:The thunder monster card card gold coin:10230 be satisfied with the attribute in nowadays very much, however the natural endowments technical ability"red-blooded strong shot" didn't open, canned sorrily continue to keep on waiting for.Took a rest for a night, got up on the second day:"20 classes,
authentic louis vuitton, it's time to complete the big card uncle's task.""Go first plentiful city lo of emperor's city lo,"Deliver to another city for the first time, Lin Feng is a little bit some concussions, cost 200 gold coins to go first plentiful city.The transmission ray of light of six long grass stars gleams and dances in the wind the northern ice city disappearance of snowflake and accumulated snow Ai Ai to disappear, in the moment is that the one is stalwart, booming and grand view and impressive-looking ancient classic city,, and then a little bit take the special feature of Europe, seem to be more dignity and magnificent and luxurious:"This is the plentiful mainland, the most prosperous, the most impressive-looking and grand view of plentiful city" plentiful city unexpectedly is north 23 times sizes of the ice city, prosperous high building,,
gucci handbags clearance, spread of street and the adventure coming and going could not hope a limit, Lin Feng only have a viewpoint:Must the prosperous district in plentiful city, purchase a set of luxurious residence of best.Continue to deliver, arrived at to stand erect in the southern breeze city in the southern forest and the raining season,
gucci bamboo.The sunlight, continuing raining season of hot heat and spreading of green forest with pure
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