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Wholesale new era hats evening
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TOPIC: Wholesale new era hats evening

Wholesale new era hats evening 11 months, 2 weeks ago #28477

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Of the bald-headed man of black eye, the gold is thoroughly enough of have no language.
"Hey Hey, , old gold, great not great last night, wasn't this the lover whom you wanted to seek last night, ah, had never thought you O.K. this."The east of the blessing to have already early and early got up to arrive at gold enough room, because he guesses in early morning affirmation will take place this kind of affair.
"Mama of, come, you blather what."The gold is enough and a burst of to have no language, turn a head to looking at that bald-headed man to cut up rough of roar a way:"Say quickly who you are, mama's letter didn't believe Lao Tze to kill you."
"Eldest brother, eldest brother, ..."The bald-headed man listens to a gold enough to say to kill himself/herself,
Wholesale new era hats, immediately and panic get up.Speak hesitatingly not to know how to explain.
"Hey Hey, old gold, you don't be panic,"Blessing east to smile to walk to the gold enough in front, slowly spoke 1 time for him the affair taking place last night.The gold is enough while hearing these, facial expression from red become green, then the right side is purple, then become again white, end even a full house of seek ground to sew, very anxious to drill into all of a sudden.
Chapter 53:The raid starts
End, is to hear say today will have 5,000,000 to deliver for him, gold enough facial expression just a little bit a little bit rosy, continuously use remaining to only float before fixing attention on bald-headed man's underneath, finally comfortable one breath, the not so bad pants all wear thoroughly.
Around 10:00 A.M., really a middle age women who doll ups lifted a huge black box to arrive at a small building inside under leading of a Dragon gate younger brother.Took money, the gold is enough to also no longer make it lively for these 2 people, put them to return to.Faced to still politely say 1 very much before walking:"If want to report to the police, Lao Tze looks for person to put to death you."
"Ha ha ha ha..."After bald-headed man and his wives walk.Son Long Ji Ren almost smiled to turn over a sky, the gold was enough to embrace this layer after layer money, one face of helpless.
"Is small any, do everythings all get ready?"Three days later, evening, the son dragon constantly wipes to begin medium cold knife, one face is bad to smile of to the leaf of flank any says,
Authentic Lancel.
"Boon, certainly,
authentic gucci handbags outlet."Leaf any smiled to order to nod:"After 10:00, tonight's cloud Ling area arrives seven star harbors then arrives new China street again from the peace street, can't see half the figure of the Dragon gate younger brother."
"Hey Hey, bureau chief Huang there I also notified,
lancel buy online, he is very happy to come to sign an achievement."Gold the enough noodles Be expressionless to sneer at;"Mama of, that day of 5,000,,000 can have inside in the pocket that the half fell him."
"Mama's Jiang Lang, you still at dry what?More than 300 persons of Lao Tze all took together, how hasn't your his mama taken a person to come over."At 11:00 p.m., Jiang Yan is early early of called together a person
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