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TOPIC: if can pull out m á o on other different countries

http://throwbacknfljerseys.web​ if can pull out m á o on other different countries 11 months, 2 weeks ago #28466

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If the sea wins still response wear Tang Yin, right, the Zhen country is in really really the worthest money person.Regularly of all the people all soldier's system,, already of the Zhen the people x ì the ng do the young tiger is fierce matchless, even if is dissatisfied and 10-year-old kids to be all good at riding, sh è,, Zhen soldier of terror that is more famous, among the different countries, unique ability at list the soldier battle a moderate breezes soldier a higher next is a Zhen soldier, valiant, bloodthirsty and matchless, and then all Be not afraid of dead, Zhen country of strong at its troops up. ,, Is Tang Yin reminding that he or shes catch the captive of Zhen country more, bring back an our country and develop one to belong to native Zhen person's army corps?Work properly frost to secretly nod, have Mao to fill opens of feeling, at the same time in mind also dark call one brilliant. Six kings had the foundation to negotiate on the first day, the next talks became an abnormality smooth. The big aspect already becomes a consensus and connects down to leave some concrete detail problems.BE resisting temple in the line of town, six kings and then after two days of party, finally contend for a war to the Zhen of the whole all knock to settle down, According to the result of talks, Chuan, breeze,
discount Lancel bags, Anne,, Huan, Mo, y ù six countries Be each to send army 200,000, constitute to add up 1,
louis vuitton handbag,200,000 battalions, at Anne country come together, and is set out by Anne's country, take first up the city,, then again from last city Tu go into Zhen national territorial inside.Because worry 1,200,000 troopses also not definitely the ability shot Kui Zhen country, six kings still need to adjust 200,,000 battalions to do from the native ch ō u again spare, once front the soldier suffer a defeat or Be blocked, 1,000,000 battalions of reinforcements can momentary keeps up with. As for the allied troops' food grass problem then want to be matched by six countries. On this problem, Tang Yin puts forward the food grass of breeze soldier and the soldier of y ù first should from another four country supplies, after all breeze y ù two national capitals choose the ground that gives up a cent and have already eaten big Kui, if go on an expedition battalion of the food grass still want to be supplied by the our country, that too unreasonable,
lancel handbags for sale. When Tang Yin feels to fight for when it's necessary, he absolutely can't opportunity to pass up, even if thick face, also want to fight for throughout. 400,000 battalions go on expedition a Zhen country, the food grass expending isn't fraction eyes, Tang Yin's viewpoint is to save to then save, if can pull out m á o on other different countries, why the need for still expend the food of F country to keep. He pretty much insists to the food grass problem, Xiao Xuan, more the Ze, Li Xin and Shao squares all have some heads big, is the breeze stateowned poor to arrive this kind of situation?Even only 400,
lv handbags sale,000 troops' food grasses all want to ask other country to want and absolutely threw person till° a house.If not is see in the breeze soldier fight well this
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