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Authentic Lancel can take a rest a period of time
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TOPIC: Authentic Lancel can take a rest a period of time

Authentic Lancel can take a rest a period of time 11 months, 2 weeks ago #28460

  • knxnt50xag34
Once said to there are no other close relatives in his home, but was again the house of jade breeze here, so I guess that you should be the girl friend thunder-storm of the jade breeze elder sister Luo!"The woman out of the door hears thunder-storm admit after the identity, then hold up the large sunglasses of her appearance to took off down, peeped out her original feature, had never thought another girl friend that she is unexpectedly Lin Yu Feng Qin Yue Yan, sees her smiling happily ground to looking at have already become at this time one face surprised of thunder-storm explanation way.
"!You are a month younger sister Yan, but do you how can come here?Come in to sit quickly!"The thunder-storm saw pure the woman appearance out of the door, plus the explanation of hearing Qin Yue Yan,, surprised after making sure that the other party is really Qin Yue Yan the shouted a way, finished saying hurriedly a side body makes way to make Qin Yue Yan come in so much.
"The elder sister of the thunder-storm silently tells you!You don't want to tell jade breeze to know!Otherwise he affirmation be saying me, in fact this I is jump the gun,
Authentic Lancel, because I just was over new record, can take a rest a period of time,, however I don't think was foolish in the home, and then knew that already jade breeze Gao Kao Wan goes on vacation, so want to come to seek him, the thunder-storm elder sister can't not welcome me not to please from?"Qin Yue Yan used to be big star, but was also not afraid of to living at 1:00, it was a good several years sister to imitate a Buddha with thunder-storm ground side with after death arrived at the side of living room to toward thunder-storm to silently say together in the thunder-storm, say intact be like to really fear that the thunder-storm doesn't welcome her, really is that pitiful ground of Xi Xi looking at thunder-storm.
"Ha ha!I how can don't welcome younger sister Yan in month!Do I still earnestly wish you to come early!I can also calculate up is your fan!Good!We don't stand, let's sit to chat!"Although the thunder-storm has no Qin Yue Yan and expresses so and puts open,
Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim, she doesn't calculate as well to Qin Yue Yan Be getting more unfamiliar, the side full face smile ground says to Qin Yue Yan, the side pulls Qin Yue Yan's hand and sits in the sofa for living room together, the words of thunder-storm pouring isn't hypocrisy,
vintage louis vuitton, she is to really earnestly wish Qin Yue Yan and hurry to share for her, she really is can not one personal acceptance Lin Yu Feng.
And thunder-storm and although Qin Yue Yan is superficially similar rival in love existence, 2 people but communicate by spiritual already a long time, because have Lin Yu Feng to in the center and continuously temper at them, these is also 2 people the first time meet can so harmonious reason, so thunder-storm and Qin Yue Yan just has never been like other rival in loves to meet be full of hostility ground to create noisy disturbance so.
"The elder sister of the thunder-storm, seeing to you already and did the jade breeze live together!I say no wonder that jade breeze the holiday Be so long to have never seen me, is honeymoon with elder sister of thunder-storm!Think to he in mind and early give°ed me to forget now, congratulations thunder-storm elder sister,, you successfully won the heart of that wood, afraiding of this was me end
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