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TOPIC: church also declares

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Work related concerning Di in the cloth three greatest absolute beings soldier of Anne
The fragrance of books house renews time:2011-10-1315:40:48 chapter word numbers:1198
The cloth inside Di Anne's empire is to slice Er empire with Sa and separate have no the wild sea mutually hope of a nation, the Di Anne's surroundings and the domestic still has many influences of other races in the cloth and have on the strongest influence of the whole mainland among them three, one is a political power, is also authorities, one is a rule by divine right, also a church, accurate say to is a saint of hall, also have a from other influence of races consociation and becomes, they are each all not worth mentioning also, but allied put together is also front both allow of no the existence of small Qu, be called to wear Er to ascend an alliance.
The Di in the cloth three greatest absolute beings soldier of Anne is concerning these three general situation dints.
The saint sword moxa gram fills benefit virtuous, it is said that is a first term Pope the moxa gram fill benefit to virtuously wear sword and infuse into the strength of the whole body before he dies weapon, this weapon direct from the legend class becomes second absolute being class, and is apart from absolute being class to only have the Yao of one step, the moxa gram fill benefit is virtuous clay-cold this makes the weapon continuing he of Hui, become church,, is also the thing of tradition of saint hall, get his person and then can become the position and power that may compare Pope, but this saint sword isn't in the saint hall inside, this is to call a strange place the people of this world, church also declares, getting the saint sword moxa gram the person who fills benefit virtuous acknowledgement can will also churchly acknowledgement,
The saint sword moxa gram fills virtuous ability of benefit to lie in strong wish and treatment ability, the occupation suiting most is sacred knight and sacred pastor, the moxa gram fills benefit virtuous think to redeem in the empire language, sacred,
Ba La Di of absolute being sword is proud,
l0uis vuitton handbags,
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