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TOPIC: one wears plain and blue full-length gown​/Baltimore-Ravens-Jerseys.html​ one wears plain and blue full-length gown 11 months, 3 weeks ago #28331

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Say …can not say …
Chapter 27, secretly write
The morning sun rises sharply, a dish mountain"Ultrasaurus" shuttles Lin Jian, "group leader" has already arrived at the gate to a monastery of Shaolin Temple outside, certainly would be a many from"river Huai big Xia" Chu the dream male take the lead of martial hero wood.Still have to would be August on the first eight force general assembly wood, through stopping and resting of for the night, this road Wu Lin's hero, each spirit Yi Yi, in high spirits.Chu dream male the title took a look gate to a monastery in Shaolin Temple of in front and put on the sweat of next forehead, to after death of a stem hero flap arm to shout a way:The "each hero hero, we got to Shaolin Temple …" Hun thick voice spreads toward"Long Shen" of"Ultrasaurus", "Long Wei".The cluster Hao breaks out one a burst of deafeningly shout bravo a voice,, the whole"Ultrasaurus" then drink Long Yin, move the whole little room mountain.Chu dream male a left a right mountain and fire breeze leading long beam Jing roar with laughter then to walk to that gate to a monastery.
Inside Shaolin Temple, the Jie source monk heard "Long Yin" of outside in the temple and knew to is a group of Haos to get to gate to a monastery an outside and then hold the Shaolin Temple monk of the word generation of"Hui" to go out accolade.The Jie source holds many monks to face to go out an outside and then see walk at three the most anterior, one wears plain and blue full-length gown, the temples dyes frost, the sword eyebrow is horizontal to pick, double eye brightly,
cheap louis vuitton handbags, the imposing style is equal, a see would be extraordinary person.Being two is or so, the left side is this ash tunic cloth dress, the half inch Mo beard holds a judge pen but is a whole body scholar foppery, Gao Gao's bachelor's degree stanza crest is on the head and deeply wear wise ray of light in the double eyes.This moreover a bare to the waist man,
louis vuitton luggage sets, height Ma Da Dun, very strong solid, the dark skin shows it more brave don't fear to, a pair of tigers eyes were very proud, didn't calculate a handsome face top but hang Yan don't live of smiling face.The Jie source leads the way to these 3 but the comer face to go, other"Hui" the monk of the word generation then and backward the cluster Hao of noodles face.The Jie source monk faces to 3 people front of,,
handbags gucci, right away the hands match ten, the Gong body salutes a way:"Amitabha … I Jie source, Chu big Xia, beam benefactor, the fire benefactor comes a my temple, Peng Bi in Shaolin Temple livings Hui, be honored it to …" Chu the dream male make gift in return ha ha say with smile:"Jie source is the master very kind, don't know that how is square's the Zhang master's body,"The Jie source is tiny tiny on smiling, say:"Amitabha …many thanks Chu the big Xia record to hang, square Zhang master in at dusk divided yesterday pass just, the body was very robust, ha ha."The Chu dream male thinks of the golden light that the at dusk little room mountain was blunt sky of but rose yesterday, cans not help asking a way:" Say, Zhang master of square already incarnation living Buddha?Indeed as expected Buddha again a life time, admire!Admire!"The fire breeze on the side is a hasty temper, on listenning to an empty master of Shao unexpectedly incarnation living Buddha, right away ha ha say with smile:"Ha ha ha ha, The Shao empty master indeed as expected achieves wisdom monk of high renown, at present we proper way Wu Lin still not will those bird fart does the evil person kill fart to roll urine to flow?
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