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louis vuitton wholesale Enter ancestral temple of clan
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TOPIC: louis vuitton wholesale Enter ancestral temple of clan

louis vuitton wholesale Enter ancestral temple of clan 11 months, 2 weeks ago #28229

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All flowers park, you have already entitled to go to ancestral temple of clan."
Chu Hao Ren to this have no accident, the strongest Xiao house replies to put out in the three greatest households,, black inside the city left to relate to quite good distance house and Chu's house just at present, Chu's house naturally also have no necessity again keep off power center, now completely can hall but emperor it of extend influence, pass various outlet to raise the position of Chu's house.
But oneself at present is a natural endowments natural intelligence is the tallest in the young generation, and then acquired sons to have a competition general assembly first, thus dazzling aureole, Chu's house doesn't value of the words were idiocies.
Enter ancestral temple of clan?
Chu the Hao Ren is light on smiling, the hall in Chu's house the sons is 20 years old all basically will leave an all flowers park, the excellent meeting is sent into ancestral temple of clan to particularly develop, rest of then assign other places,, Chu the Hao Ren was 16 years old and then becamed Dou teacher,
louis vuitton wholesale, this etc. natural endowments natural intelligence was extremely rare, so go his Zhao into the ancestral temple of clan in advance.
The ancestral temple of clan conceals a lot of old mans of Chu's houses, and in have many unknown secrets.
"You have now what request to can put forward to me!"The Chu Xuan Huan is full of smiles of say.
"I have no towards doing what the staff elder some interests all,
lancel online shopping, as long as the household returns the Jean skill Xuan to me to go."Chu Hao Ren light answer, this is the asseveration that he at the beginning delivers to he, now, the that time waited to carry out.
Chu Xuan Huan ha ha smile,
handbags wholesalers, moderate way:"Stop worrying, household not only only will chase Jean the skill Xuan return to you, also will help you with all strength, do antheral business to truely and greatly do strong, become one of the most important businesses in Chu's house!"
Chu Hao Ren the point nod, "that good."
"To, Lin Nan because of the affair of Xiao house, at river Nan is at home and abroad throw to the utmost face, for saving some face and prestige, he hopes that you start on journey quickly national capital, this matter, what viewpoint do you have?"
Acquire first, not only can get for a sky, Nan ancient joss-stick light etc. reward, also have opportunity to go to national capital continuing education.
This is any Dou the spirit teacher all longs for day and night of affair, get into national capital, open mental horizon, fructify the stronger Dou spirit teacher and household nobility.
This not only is the opportunity of an once in a lifetime to the individual, to household also is an opportunity to show face,
The natural endowments natural intelligence of Chu Hao Ren is all very high,
louis vuitton outlet online, if at river Nan country the national capital get an appreciating of king, so, Lin Nan will also be subjected to a Jia prize,
"National capital I will go quickly,
louis vuitton outlets."The Chu Hao Ren nods a way,
Chu Xuan Huan also has no to say more, pointed window sill the withered strenuous effort plum of the side, "now, it belonged to you."
"Thank elder."
Chu Hao Ren a held tight that stub withered strenuous effort plum,, at heart joy, he feels unclearly, this stub is withered
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