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TOPIC: Recognize from kill the voice

http://lancelhandbagsoutletsho​ Recognize from kill the voice 11 months, 2 weeks ago #20046

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Match together,
The courageous sees a form, after the hasty Nu hands over to add, he on the contrary laughed wildly!
Laugh wildly a voice in,, he greatly treads to rush to go forward, he adopts on his own initiative, have to kill a way out.
The Xiao Xiang academy scanning exclusively serializes, black express train OCR

The data collects online,
The copyright returns original author all,lancel bags paris,
This book from"refined scholar" free creation
Chapter 16

A burst of and floating and pleasing music floats however hears.
The courageous hears noise heart in a move.Sweep eyes to see go, see the flower female whom those 18 madams help, hear a happy voice, also all raise for of vision a bright, expression suddenly becoming rising.
The voice of that Xian joy made them fig up!
Judged from the at present situation, that joy voice place, ten had 89 is their relief troopses, is that they rushed through for medium leading figure!
The courageous sees a form and accelerate a step and rush before keeping into.
Suddenly, the gold drum greatly shakes and arises from all directions,lancel purse.
After the voice of the gold drum,, the voice of beard Jia, again successive but rise.
Gold drum and the voice of beard Jia meet and remit to kill for killing of the one bicycle gold Ge voice, as if hordes of troops and horses at hurtling!
The courageous hears noise and slowed down urgently blunt of power.
Once he listen to that voice, know that this was the person of gold in Mount Taishan black fortress to arrive.
He thinks:Once the person of gold black fortress arrive,,2013 NFL Jerseys, can help the person the horse 18 madams to scatter to open, also equaled to ease to surround own pressure, thus, still greatly have can be.
So, he slowly next the power come, waits once the situation change, cooperate to kill will go out, with the person of the gold black fortress horse assemble, come to in should outside match,lancel handbags 2013.Then can kill the person whom 18 madams help first to feel avenged so, watch for right time for action again, ha ha ……we play by ear!
He was at the thought of here, didn't want to come to first to fight to the death.
Because he has to contain anger as far as possible and endure patiently to need machine, keep real strenght and avoid depletion.
So-called and fierce be Kui head, the courageous knows this truth most , who can support till the last, who is a victor.
He sweeps after eyes see again, discover that that surrounds his woman on all sides, there are no changes or discomfort, can not help a dark way in the heart:
Smelly Niang son, right away you will know to violate openly my price of courageous is what.
At this time, the all directions kills a voice suddenly the view rise,, manner fierce abnormality.
Recognize from kill the voice, it suffices to show the person of gold black fortress, have already started to be blunt killing.The courageous Hong of generation Niao male accepts a clue and more surprisingly calms down at the moment,, to the at present situation,lancel online store, the good elephant didn't smell don't see.
Surround the flower female who helps at his 18 madams of surroundings surprising dispassion also, they well have Shi to have no perhaps.
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