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TOPIC: immediately disappear without basis​usel/​m immediately disappear without basis 11 months, 2 weeks ago #19909

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Lucy, throw with the of hand a sorcery with huge power bomb to be like Jiao great,!However very pitiful,is to don't develop to any function, this ultimate end sorcery,, connect absolute being class Wu Zhe has to be afraid of of sorcery, unexpectedly at come in contact with great body of Jiao that for an instant, send out an irritating to the ear voice of Zi Zi, immediately disappear without basis, again make people dumbstruck.
The member of Azrael sickle squad is after all virtuous apart from Luo too far, even if their speed soon, but can not also at this very short for an instant rush toward Luo virtuously and nearby, their speed cans not compares with Jiao great!
In the blink of an eye see Jiao great have already arrived at Luo virtuous of front of, a Zhang bombs bottom.
Despair and exasperation fill the air in each person's heart, opposite of come to say, by this time Mi Jiao the person of one clan and evil clan but is to have some expectation unclearly, expectation Luo virtuous death, but they are happy don't get up.Is evil to turn the Jiao after great have already disdained to recognize his kinsmen, they is also among the environment that is placed in a kind of danger at the moment,
"Explode for me,
2013 NFL Jerseys!"At very critical moment of that for an instant, all despairing a moment in the owners, it is late to is that also quick, lookinging at the sharp claw son will wear own deeply of body that for an instant, suddenly break out an a burst of Jing long grass in the Luo's virtuous eye, and then whole individual sticks to hit the ground noodles to glide to go out, the empress feet suddenly deliver dint, and the whole body's last silk energy explosion comes out and sprungs forward.
Inwardly the Jiao is great have never responded to come over of that for an instant,,
cheap mlb hats from china, hurtle to his nearby, a Zhang claps a chest like he,
lancel outlet!The last silk Dou spirit infuses to go into his body, although very weak, this has been all right already and enough guides oneself to ambush in the Jiao the dark strength explosions in the great bodies to come out in times before,
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A shot Luo Be virtuous to also is to be subjected to Jiao great serious wound after, the whole individual pours to fly to go out, as if broke linear kite general,, fly far several meters, hit at blunt come over of the person's bosoms like nightingale,etc in.
The depressed voice of "bomb ……" a difficult speech spreads,, close behind is the ground crack of the skeleton, Mao Mao Mao, clear and crisply split the ear that the voice streams into each person in.
BE making track for to kill a great body form of virtuous Jiao of Luo beard however down, and then, sees body continuous distortion and sends out to sad and shrillly roar a voice in and can see without the aid of instruments of, outside his body, continuously have a place to burst, the place of rest continuously of distortion, imitate a Buddha to have huge strength is toring to pull him.
The owners are all foolish, quietly looking at, looking at the act of occurrence.
"The dark strength is unexpectedly dark strength, Luo is virtuous will dark the strength beat into a great body of Jiao,!"This a moment, Mo gram their these top Wu Zhe has already understood is what is the row.
Is dark strength, and it is difficult to control of a kind of strength, Luo is virtuous to control, and look control of very good, all infuse to go into to the Jiao inside the great body,
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