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handbags for women the big fellow back of the head explodes one Peng blood fog
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TOPIC: handbags for women the big fellow back of the head explodes one Peng blood fog

handbags for women the big fellow back of the head explodes one Peng blood fog 11 months ago #107818

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Arouse to shoot at the same time but, is soon approaching big fellow of,, the jade bottle suddenly bursts to open and spares no effort with star scar and keeps toward the big fellow chest.
The big fellow sees the steel stylus inherit, unexpectedly not the Shan don't avoid and overbearingly rush at wood Xi.
Don't think, abrupt however of, the steel stylus pen nib is tiny to lift, peep out some You light, hurtle into big fellow Adam apple part by extremely sudden and swift power,, immediately, the big fellow back of the head explodes one Peng blood fog, it front blunt of the body form also bomb Long to fall on the ground, drawing last breath.
Has been for a long time observed, the wood Xi discovers that the steel stylus that the big fellow Bo neck Adam apple part only have some to allow nude, immediately is not unable to decide either, will dye poisonous You deadly poison throws and gives a shot of big fellow destruction.
Believe to dye the steel stylus of having the deadly poison, have already set up an achievement at this time.
Chapter 118 is thorough
The big fellow body heavily hits on the ground, the blood is like the reservoir that opens Zha after the brain general Xie., Its withered color double eyes stare at to gradually walk up of wood Xi, unwillingly turned to turn, the and then withered color gradually backed, the chest big ball also slowly recovers,, the normal nude starts presenting, obviously, die along with the big fellow, its monster soul is also an automatic dissipation.
"My life I once said, I make the decision!"Looking at big fellow double's eye Wu since Tu,
handbags for women, the wood Xi cold voice says and cautiously respond some kind of,
Gucci Online, until confirm him really after dying, no longer see his one eye, the facial expression cold Lie ground turns round to walk to those black tunic persons.
"The Er waits the soil chicken tile dog, the leader is dead, also be not and quickly and quickly died!"The double feet step by step trample to fall in the ground,, the one step is one word,
lv handbag, the word word,such as ball bearing,, falls to the ground, voice clear and crisp, fall a sound along with the last word, wood Xi has already closed to a war turn.
Cast covetous eyes on to stare at the black tunic person of Yan Xuan to smell speech, adjust to turn skull in succession, in the wood Xi after death not distance, be fierce to the big fellow of the He of Wei He in times before, keep to pretty stand ground to lie to pour in the ground at this time,
gucci outlet online, a blood has no voice to flow to drip and sees this, these black tunic person face up flow out to appear surprised fear to of color, the eyes of cajolery also become unprecedented seriously.
They how also surprisingly big fellow unexpectedly will die in the wood Xi hand, now just surprised feel, the youth who can put out to kill with frightening ease in the their eyes, real strenght not the surface express of like this small and weak.
"This youth is frosty in bearing, make moves to settle however nowise show consideration by that time, connect old mostly die in the his hand, perhaps still have what cards in the hand don't,, I still early and early escape for wonderful."Whisper in the black tunic public that that is drunk by the big fellow to back, think unexpectedly be not revenge for big fellow,
Gucci Bag, but how keep intact an oneself, it all over the body works properly dint to also cool off along with gradual his viewpoint.
Rest those black tunic persons seem the heart also living to back an idea, look in the eyes flicker, often conjecture companion.
But the Yan Xuan follow wood Xi after death see go to,, but the canthus is one Zhi, facial expression that becomes dignified in the Sha, eyes droop, a put on a dreary color one Shan is namely
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