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TOPIC: that is them the place of generation life

http://raybanaviatortitaniumsa​ that is them the place of generation life 11 months, 1 week ago #107660

  • ranfazta22
 "Accident …… completely is accident ……"
Being purple to copy to the slightest have no this the twoth is carefree, have no dint exhaustion inside the time to use a stone through instauration, very short can already control two knoll attacks on the twoth.
A short moment after cluster mountain in again spread to bellow of voice, the bird monster of neighborhood early hides from a distance, frightened drive this'very star'not intentional vilify.
The purple shadow had no so good luck to directly plant down this time, if not that the skeleton is perhaps strong for a day so many deathless also fall off silly.
"Ao ……"
The exasperation voice that from a distance can hear an evil monster in mountain, that is them the place of generation life, unexpectedly drive this to frivol into not presentable son.Now those evil monster is dare the Nu dare to talk but can't, can vent heart in the distance of unwilling.
"Qiang Qiang ……"
Is small don't order not resigned to playing second fiddle also, those magma lakes became the ground of its best self-discipline.Looking at to visit joyful smallly not and order a purple shadow all to a little bit envy the abnormal natural endowments of that small guy.
The time that thinks to be lazy each time will thought of those six the sons differs most of is all low purple rank rank, and then continue to grind teeth persistence.Be getting more hungry and then eat some mountain fruits, thirst directly drink a few mountain springs, stiring up of a time potential of the body.
The half day purple shadow can control three knolls to attackstone after, although say to is very exhausting, however didn't drop down this time luckily.
"Hey Hey ……see come to these several days to harvest also pretty big of."
See inside the body inside the purple shadow, discover that seven colourful true spirits increased a lot than the past, that light black's also comparing Ning was solid in times before many.The purple shadow has never also given up self-discipline that thou'forbid'word, each time before the piece of stone hits to fall, all will the facing unreal tee off a few ancient words.Although say root impede not sink into of knoll, insist each time of time but more and more long.
The purple shadow doesn't know these several days at cluster mountain in of conduct and actions have already aroused the attention of fighting the country emperor's lord, the old blind person is also surprised head cold sweat.He just lets the purple shadow practice fight technique, that thoughts of that this small guy unexpectedly made so big action and also caused the concern of six key figures.
At six fortress' deepest places, one wears Long Guan and wears purple dress and is covered with the old man of ten thousand dragon patterns to looking at unreal, the along while just returns to absolute being to say:"That small guy in the future necessarily amount to much in life."
Under of several human faces take a Yi color, the evaluation of emperor lord to six that genius young girls also has no so high.However those people didn't doubt, at present this emperor lord but war country is go to in the mainland station in the person of peak.
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