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lancel in london would be the blackness that will collapse an one slice empty.
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TOPIC: lancel in london would be the blackness that will collapse an one slice empty.

lancel in london would be the blackness that will collapse an one slice empty. 11 months, 1 week ago #107614

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Turn round,
lancel in london, the body is abrupt however inflates, turn an eye to would be the gold color of becoming a not the slightest inferior to other party giant, then over there in numerous frightened visions, direct one punch with evil that Xuan face to face hard bomb at together.
"Roll for me!"
The Sha handed over to bomb that, the Xiao blaze that bellowing of Nu thunder sort voice, is also abrupt however at horizon on deep-fried ring but open!
Chapter 1479 war breaks out
The sky on, two figures that is big and strong such as the evil absolute being sort suddenly and mutually touch, just like the huge sounds of the sort of gold iron, take a furious wind storms of fearfulness, abrupt however from the sky on gobble up but open,, square circle 100 Zhangs inside, those depend near both parties are strong, be directly ruthlessly shaken to fly by that storm but go to,, annoy blood inside the body a burst of seethe.
The furious wind suddenly and violently overflows, Xiao burning golden light giant turned the body is also one Zhan, the step retreated an one step, but opposite of that Xuan evil big fellow, several staying back of little more than Deng Dengs, the downfall of each one step, yonder space, would be the blackness that will collapse an one slice empty.
"Good boy indeed as expected has some skill!"
Incredibly at this kind of hard touch in have never begged for to arrive the slightest of advantage, that Xuan evil face top is also once rowed a to put on a surprised idea of Cha, the vision is some to dignifiedly hope that the Xiao of distance not is burning, sneer at a way.
Xiao burning vision at this Xuan evil body up swept to sweep, the eyebrows was also tiny tiny a wrinkly,
new era shop, the real strenght of the three greatest Long Daos is really not extremely weak, the troops unexpectedly still owns this wait real strenght of strong, hard touch in times before, unless ask for help of a gold just azure stone body and that after many sky of material ground treasure, the blood forging of Long Huang Jing lead of arrogant body, Xiao burning still be really not likely to have the last breeze in colliding body.
"Boy, are you actually who?Reporting is last, the business of my thou of great void Long Yi Zu isn't ordinary people sufficient Dan to participate!"The Xuan is evil to hope Xiao burning, cold drink a way.
Opponent he drinks to ask, the Xiao is burning but is that I have never realized,
louis vuitton handbags for sale, the vision suddenly sweeps toward the northwest direction of distance, there, two figures are quick if the Lue of lightning flash sort come, a few flicker bottom, would be to appear at Xuan evil body side, meanwhile, icy cold of drink a voice, it is quick to spread also.
"The Xuan is evil, return heel his useless talk what, began to capture him, three Long Wang's adults wanted to necessarily soon would be to obtain victory, this of, absolutely can not allow to serve as what of mistake!"
Appearing 2 people by the side of the Xuan evil body is two olds that wear green Huang Pao Fu, these 2 people have a liking for go to extremely old, but eye in,
l0uis vuitton handbags, is to have a cold idea to flow out, obviously also not is what heart Ci hand goes limp lord.
The Xiao burning vision dignifiedly hopes these two olds, but the eyelid was unbearable to violently jump
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