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TOPIC:​usel/​m 11 months, 1 week ago #107257

  • sdkphg9rmy92
 This chapter ends!
The thick Yan begged a ticket~~~~There is a brothers of ticket that pass by to leave Zhang Piao to walk again, please support a small last home point of departure net head hair!!Feeling~feeling~thankful!!

047 sand the king send army

"Unknown brothers, your artistic skill everyone had new definition, I once connected that as well military command-like in shape, but its hasing the dint of break out of don't complete of dint,, for this I still dropped one class!"The eagle of desert lets go of wine cup and says:"So,
sale hats, you then at I this sand country do to catch a head how is one job?If your dissatisfaction so the official position allows you to choose, want ~only you favored me to withdraw other people to change you up!"Seen, the eagle of desert is to beg a material if is thirsty, can only cherish my this person think a little fee point brain.
"Elder brother Ying's feeling I got, however hold official post I not big professional, still don't hold official post free and unfettered, I am because of why the matter be also no matter just dared by Ma Long to come here of, if you allow me to hold official post I rather return to my Phoenix"
"Ha ha ha, generous, I like that you have words to talk a not beat around the bush person like this, come and drink" faces upward to infuse wine, the wine exerts the eagle of desert again way:"Unknown brothers, Ma Long helps a lord the commitment once dragged along Yan king that'robot'(pointed NPC),
Cheap New Era Hats, however the Turkic influence that needed woulding be of solution north urgently currently ah, I once considered sending army to sweep that Turkic different clan influence for a long time, can have been worrying sand city that the nobody stays in,, your arrival absolutely compares to a sky and grants valiant general and opportune moment today!My wanting is then allowed commander-in-chief by the wolf of desert to get troops tomorrow 50,000 carried that Turkic old nest, don't know that the unknown brothers wishes to left for a help?"
"Lead troops to fight me not to go, because I have no soldier to grow"
"Ah~what soldier grow a soldier don't grow of, I does this have a heap of good soldier's sign, you choose several kind yous to like of take to would be, want ~only you be willing to left for I believe to squelch Turkic influence this time of several rates going success will be larger!"
"I once said, I was an assassin's occupation,
lv handbags wholesale, let me made a surprise attack to still probably go,, but let I ascend the words of battlefield didn't go, my technical ability doesn't grant
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