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if Tang Fei encounters a thunder
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TOPIC: if Tang Fei encounters a thunder

if Tang Fei encounters a thunder 11 months, 1 week ago #107256

  • drencxdc9ai
"Ha, who is my pouring ?Originally just a clown of just false absolute being state seeks dead!"See a pure bearer, the Zhong dragon is more great anger,oakley sunglasses for men, just the absolute being ax appears of that for an instant,, his in the mind how much also have some to worry, fear occurrence what mishap,lancel miss lancel, at this time see blunt to come up originally just fixing of false absolute being state, immediately disdain to a to smile, in the original heart that is in fine threadsly afraid of also disappearedly without a trace.
"Seek dead is you!You seek to die me to have no an opinion, don't pull your Lao Tze!"Tang Fei at this time unspeakable atmosphere, the other party is extremely proundhearted, have no to have scruples about at this time, not only didn't inhibit the recovery of absolute being light unexpectedly anti- is urging, this is in the Tang Fei's eyes undoubtedly is at from seek destruction.
"The boy of extremely conceited, even the clock none of south is an opponent, do you think and then can change a result with you?"Zhong Long Nu is the most anti- to smile, reveal ancient Huang for the first time of the Wei of light, make him very complacent, only control an absolute being light to break soul Yuan here in his heart bottom to absolutely be rated as invincibility!Where also will Tang Fei the look just only false absolute being state of fix to put in the eye.
The anti- hand is one Zhang, an absolute being to print to follow Tang Fei's top of head to bomb all of a sudden to kill again but go.
Tang Fei evades confrontation with and print fingerprint to equally face in the hand up, two victory or defeats sign to show, the absolute being of the fingerprint and the other party of printing of Tang Fei prints discrepancy not only on raising, on touching namely Kui,, the other party absolute being prints hard matchless, Tang Fei cloud fingerprint root hard resist, if Tang Fei encounters a thunder, whole body piercing!
Tang Fei a surprised, hurriedly convert a body form,ray ban rb4147,, the foot livings a lotus and averts from a daunt, after death the yin and yang field area pushes open all of a sudden, this just holds up, however his corner of mouth have already appeared one silk blood stain.
"H'm?Have the two times the son."See Tang Fei unexpectedly an anti- a bottom the absolute being print, Zhong dragon once the mouth smile,,lancel bags 2012,, soft-voiced Nan a , the hands are similar, two chains to toward Tang Fei to wring all of a sudden to kill but go to again.
Tang Fei quick transformation body form, air leaves a remnants shadow and treads to step unreal, use of suddenly would be Zhu Wu to teach to his tradition war skill!The flower Shao had no the slightest, the one punch breaks empty, directly tore to pieces Qiong in the sky, a rant, Tang Fei has already brandished iron boxing to toward Zhong Long Chong to kill but go to.
"Seek dead!"Zhong dragon ferocious cachinnation,ray ban on sale, be rated as by his real strenght to call a king with territory, with in the advantage on the blood, he pluses self-discipline of is a not spreading of the soul clan to extremely learn again, together the rare ability enemy's person in the state,oakley sunglasses price, much less at this time Tang Fei is in the his eyes still lower than him fixing of state, it is in the eye to more don't put it.
See Tang Fei's a pair of irons boxings to bomb,
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