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The Zhuo feather no time for waiting pulls two female Ta go in
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TOPIC: The Zhuo feather no time for waiting pulls two female Ta go in

The Zhuo feather no time for waiting pulls two female Ta go in 11 months ago #106941

  • tavscmeybw26
"Xi Xi, the old Niang is also not afraid!"The cold gorgeous Xuan lightly smiles 1.
The Zhuo feather is tiny tiny on smiling,, pull two females, acrossed to go into this space in black, just stepped at them just,, behind of that is white light the passage unexpectedly have been already disappeared!This lets the Zhuo feather can not help to worry unclearly, because now was to have no way out.
"All since walk to this one step, continue to leave!"Dong Yi Yun smiled to smile to the Zhuo feather.
The Zhuo feather pulls two females go forward in this miraculous star sky and compare just that passage, the ice seeming to be more here is cold,, this lets Zhuo feather heart in more heavy, because at this time he but turned two women to come, if what amiss, he will be self-reproach.
But Dong Yi Yun and cold gorgeous Xuan but very easy, appreciate those beautiful starses.
Two day after, they saw one regiment white light, they immediately sped a step and soon came right away that regiment white light of front, here unexpectedly is a door!
The Zhuo feather no time for waiting pulls two female Ta go in, they feel at present a bright, one is full to is the huge hall of ice frost to appear in their in fronts.
Those ice is cold be hugely send forth from this!
This is full is the big hall of ice frost to accept 45 myriad people so, have the wood box of many rectangulars on the ground, all up overaly very thick ice of 1 F.
Would rather say coffin than say a wood box,!
Have here so many pretend to be dead the person's coffin, so what person is the person of these dyings exactly?And still put in this thus miraculous place!
"Elder generation, you at?"The Zhuo feather shouts at top of voice,oakley sunglass cheap,, voice at this empty long response in the place for concussing wear, just that chases old of after once appearing, the voice's Zhuo feather didn't hear any further.
"Hiss,lancel bags 2013!Don't so loudly will fight other people to take a rest,lancel singapore!"By this time an old of hunchback walked out from a huge coffin side,lancel bags,!
This old man full head glistening Cang hair, a bit scattered, be dressed in the coarse cloth clothes in whole body white, that is full is the face of wrinkly plait up, hang 1 pair brightly of eyes.
3 people of Zhuo feather are all stunned speechless, they have never thought to still really have an individual to suddenly come out, and still an old that takes a smile, the scene like this has already grown a hazy felling.
Didn't send forth any breathing on the old body, but anything but common kinds of goods, the Zhuo feather also watches out for!
"Elder generation,louis vuitton duffle bag, how are you!"The Zhuo feather is strong to smile one to say, Dong Yi Yun and cold gorgeous Xuan also politely beat to recruit
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