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TOPIC: hence this place is assigned name to with copper beech. hence this place is assigned name to with copper beech. 11 months, 1 week ago #106820

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Square square's house,, brush white, however drive damp with the dirty Zi that the bad weather erodes all to appear spot spot to order.Its surroundings contains place, three side is a forest, another side is a piece of inclined flat ground, and it leads to from this about 100 Southamptons highways for turning a corner in the house front of door.The place before the house is belong to this house, as for surrounding all forests,, then the of Sa Se gets main parts of protection woods.A cluster of copper beech is long to is just opposite in front of this house hall, hence this place is assigned name to with copper beech.
"My employer drives a car to carry me, he still kept making amiable with similar formely,, and he introduced me to his wife and kid that evening.Mr. Holmes, we at shell gram street your house in the circumstance guessed don't correspond with fact.Lu Ms. Ka Si Er didn't go crazy, I saw her is a serene woman,, the facial expression is pale, the husband who compares her is young many.I estimate her not arrive 30 years old;As for he, can't be less than 45 years old.I understand from their conversation they get married about already seven years.He is a widower, his former wife leaves behind the only a kid is the daughter who has already gone to Philadelphia, the United States to go to.The Lu card Si Er privately says to me,, his daughter leaves them because she has bad impression that doesn't preach a reason to her stepmother.Now that his daughter can't be younger than 20 years old, I completely can conceive the young wife of she and his father together, the circumstances must make it lively for very much.
"Lu Ms. Ka Si Er , in my eyes,, regardless is her mind or feature, all very common,, she since didn't leave for me what good will, also have no bad impression, she is an insignificant person.The seeing very easily her is a subterranean heat to with concentration and with complete devotion love her husband and her pediatric son.She thin gray eyes ever and anon the east attend to west to hope, on detecting their little bit more any very small demand, then possibly the viewpoint satisfy a request.He to she also very good, Be just way reckless and vulgar.Is total of come to say,
disocunt Louis Vuitton, two of them seem a rightness of happy husband and wife.However this woman,, she still has some sorrow bitternesses of secrets,
Louis Vuitton Bags,, she often sinks to immerse in the deep thought and looks extremely worrieds.I am more than once to by chance see her be dropping tears, I sometimes think that this must be her kid of bad force her so worry is layer after layer.Is true,
louis vuitton sale, I had never seen such a to completely spoil to break down of, it happened that and so bad small guy.He seems to be ratio together age the person is short, but head greatly must and the body is very disproportionate.He the good elephant isn't an untamed nature to go into action all day long, would be to pout depressed and not talking much.One of his amusement seems be to some than his small and weak animal infliction torture.In the aspects of catching rat, small bird and insect,
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