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Zhuo feather just continue to looking at that jade Chien
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TOPIC: Zhuo feather just continue to looking at that jade Chien

Zhuo feather just continue to looking at that jade Chien 11 months ago #106798

  • hsgaukmz82
, Huang Ji Chao's article calculates fart!Lao Tze with literally and then can refine a Dan medicine of Xuan class!"The Ding works properly saying of despise.
Zhuo feather also admits that the Ding works properly this ability, he also intends to lets the Ding work properly refining much some Xuan class Dan medicines eat for him and let him quickly promotes real strenght at this time, because he knows this in will never be so simple, and here have much real strenght than his strong person's existence.
Dong Yi Yun walk after, Zhuo feather just continue to looking at that jade Chien, because he previous at in saw that a part of the all-powerful Jue, only this just arrives an inborn highest point!
He lacks most now of is the part of a Xuan territory,,ray ban wayfarer cheap, he knows this certain hide in the source door in sky,gucci bag black, however he don't worry, because he can seek Dong Yi Yun to want.
"This source definitely and my all-powerful Jue look exactly alike!"The Zhuo feather cautiously finishes seeing, he thinks that the all-powerful Jue is the original name of this heart method, and the age is still very long ago, even more even long ago than the source door in sky, cut off is not likely to be for a sky,lancel bags sale,, source Zhang in the door teaches to found.
"You got into inside the door, and also had to hiddenly do exercises in gymnastics building here now, you shoulded be able to try Long Xie, your body forging must is still not enough thoroughly, I intend to refine special medicine water with Long Xie and pond water in the sky and let you keep form but change substance, then again refining add Long Xie's Dan medicine, want to make you get into a Xuan territory again say."The Ding works properly to say.
"That how go to a lane is pond water for sky?Can't using Long Xie Hui go wrong?"The Zhuo feather immediately asks a way,, he also early wanted to taste the effect of that dragon blood.
"Is afraid of?You not is have the white jade red sun Dan?The words that is wrong eat 1 grain good!"The Ding works properly to say.
The Zhuo feather at the beginning refined 8 grains to come out,, the black blacksmith ate 1 grain,gucci bag sale, then he gave black blacksmith three grains of, oneself still took four grains of on the body, this white jade red sun Dan but belong to first grade treatment saint of Xuan class medicine!
"Inside in source door in the sky not is have an exchange into for a sky than the Dou method, does the Qian in pond fix?You went to and then wented, the so simple affair still made me teach."Ding's working properly don't like saying of spirit.
At the crack of dawn,cheap gucci trainers, the Zhuo feather is that place of ratio Dou that registers to take part in here from the in a hurry arriving at a house hall, compare once monthly, after winning can get into pond a month self-discipline in a sky.
Source door in the sky in the center of the huge sky of pond, can let 100 people at in self-discipline, so only 100 people can go in monthly,, know this inside door, but have 30,louis vuitton outlet stores,000 people!
The Zhuo feather reports
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