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lancel riyadh sees the Kai Luo give up to continue to injure Chu to fly
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TOPIC: lancel riyadh sees the Kai Luo give up to continue to injure Chu to fly

lancel riyadh sees the Kai Luo give up to continue to injure Chu to fly 11 months, 1 week ago #106729

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Is the sky where?How will it make reprisals a person?As long as owned great power, let the owner creation be afraid, so is a sky, again Nai I what!"Full is arrogant speaks, the Kai Luo has a little madness.
"The sky does misdeed to still can save, bringing disaster to self can not live!"Chu flies cold drink.
"Is stupid child, connect to recruit!"Nu pole,, sees the Kai Luo body calm auto and urgently and urgently flies a skidding to Chu, ten stretch before, kept to straightly stab to pass by.
The attack turns an eye to namely arrive, the bewitchingly beautiful bone stabs to more just send forth icy cold of You light, face such kind of threat, Chu's flying doesn't dare the gist, sees him all over the body the golden light soar and raise iron boxing and impressively reply but go.
'Mao'a lightly ring,, though have golden light to protect a body, however still keep being easily pierced deeply by this kind of bone but going into, carried on the back a profound sting to go into the palm that Chu flies from the boxing,
lancel riyadh,, a kind of painful Che heart thin ache makes Chu fly a burst of Ci tooth more mouth, mama of, this what stab, how seem than the fairy machine still want badly general!
'Roar'looking at Chu to fly to get hurt, the little dragon is also a big hair might of god,
lv bag outlet, in the sky 1 hovers around,, the huge claw son impressively and quickly hangs up to the Kai Luo!
"Hum, small beast, permit you again unrestrained!"The Nu drinks a , don't back anti- enter, sees the Kai Luo give up to continue to injure Chu to fly, the hands point sting impressively towarded the benefit claw of little dragon to mercilessly stab to pass by!
'Bang'a earthquake ring, sees a little rebound of Long Chi Tong and goes and shockedly looking at own huge claw, this matchless and strong and tough Long Zhao can not also move those ten finger tip stings,
lancel usine, and unclear of,
there a louis vuitton outlet, own Long Zhao was also harmed by the shot!
'Roar!'Unwillingly hover around, eat painful of little dragon momentary also have a little have no from start!
"Violent pill!"Is just a little slow one breath, Chu flew a palm to quickly form an aureate energy regiment and kept to straightly press toward the Kai Luo pass by.
lancel mens bags, so useless to me!"Is the slightest inattentive, look in the eyes in was full of an idea of despise more, saw Kai Luo at will stretch out a palm,,
lancel french flair, lightly block at matchless wildly dry violent before the pill!
'Zi Zi ……'huge energy regiment, wildly dry matchless, press to say that it runs into a target to explode just to, however in the hand of Kai Luo at this time, suddenly became darling son general, revolve, more and more small, basically didn't develop the power of serving as, and looking at all these, Chu flies also a bit silly, this mean bones claw exactly is what things, how thus of fierce
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