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So in the evil way
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TOPIC: So in the evil way

So in the evil way 11 months, 1 week ago #106609

  • yhwxwxkuwp
Challenge,lancel 1876 luxe, then carry on compare Dou, dividing a victory or defeat would give up, after once beating,mens sunglasses, they again cup wine speech joys, this lets the Zhuo feather secretly call strange!
The Zhuo feather mixed in the world that spreads to fix for three days,, to them also had mostly of understand, he understands, these real strenghts that spread to fix are strong is weak,gucci bag sale, but the strong in no case will humiliate a weak, because all of them are to spread to fix, if when they are humiliated by the evil way group, these spreading to fix will stand out and resist those groups together!
So in the evil way, spread to fix is than those group still terrible existence, united because of they!Be different from fairy way that sort, spread to fix forever just drive fairy way the group humiliate and enslave.Because they aren't united, everybody is all very selfish!This claps a horse to also fail to catch an evil way to spread to fix.
"No wonder that in those early years after evil way and Wu Dao fought, and then be been malicious by the fairy way pain shot a didn't completely reply to put out as well,, the strength that spreads to fix is thus terrible!"Zhuo feather heart in secretly in admiration of.
"This little elder brother, you from another place come of!How so unfamiliar!"A big fellow hand of whiskers holds a wine bottle and takes the shoulder of Zhuo feather to ask a way.
The Zhuo feather is sitting in a ragged hotel, enjoy the Water and soil romantic feeling in the evil area at this time.
The skin of Zhuo feather is dark, and a bit rough, the body figure is big and strong, be like very much with evil way middleman, so root can't someone doubt that he comes from a fairy way group.
"The younger brother just came out from Shan-li!"The Zhuo feather says with smile, didn't also watch out for that big fellow.
"Ha ha, estimate to is since the childhood drive some old guys to pick up, then kept in the deep Shan-li noodles big!"That big fellow drank a big wine to say with smile, this aroused much person's concern.
The Zhuo feather before knows all of these city the great majority is be strongly spread to fix by some real strenght to associately construct, be for letting large spread to fix to have one dwells of ground.
They come together here depend on gambling to the evil skill of winning the other party and win the good weapon of the other party,, but generally useless get how long,, will output to go,lancel adjani, in this way, many people study of the evil skill is all similar.
"Be regarded as, I come out this time is intend to be going to that evil city see."The words of Zhuo feather are a ,,gucci wallets, this wine shop neutrally engraved calmness down.
And that net Sai the man also let go of the wine bottle in the hand, a face seriously says:"Small brothers, that evil city now Be different from is the evil city of thousand year agos, these days of come,louis vuitton online outlet, the evil cities all have been releasing a fierce energy and put to death
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